Olympic Stadium Wrap: Innovation, Part I

Olympic Stadium shortlisted for prestigious architecture prize!

We’ll get back to our story about how it all came together at Rainier tomorrow – today we want to say congratulations to the architects behind the Olympic Stadium, Populous!

The Olympic Stadium is short-listed for the 2012 Stirling Prize, the highest prize of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA).

“As with the other London 2012 Olympic Games buildings, Populous’s Olympic Stadium had to be designed to be used post-games. So the 80,000-seat stadium will shrink down to a 20,000-seat stadium after this summer. In order to be able to achieve this, Populous designed the stadium as a sort of kit of parts, said principal Phillip Johnson a video on RIBA’s site. “The roof itself is separate from the upper tier so that in theory you could take down the tier without taking down the roof, or vice-versa.” The stadium will be the lightest one ever built, with 11,023 tons of steel.”
-Lindsay M. Roberts, Architect Magazine

The Stirling Prize winner will be announced on October 13. Our fingers are crossed that the Stadium will take home the gold

You can read the description of why the Stadium was chosen on the Stirling Prize website here.

Here’s a peek at Rainier’s design drawings for the stadium wrap:


Vision: A virtual projection of the final wrap, complete with virtual spectators.


Reality: A quiet moment after the installation was finished – and before the spectators arrive.