Olympic Stadium Wrap: Innovation, Part IV

As the Olympics near their close, we’re coming to the end of the story about Rainier’s involvement in wrapping the Olympic Stadium.

Today, we have behind-the-scenes exclusive pictures of the Olympic Stadium Wrap installation.

For this phase of the project, Rainier partnered with FabriTec, a division of ShadeUSA based in Dallas, Texas.

Now, it’s up to FabriTec to run the final leg of the race and get the panels installed prior to the opening ceremonies… and they will have to run at a World Record pace to pull this off.

The original plan allowed three months for installation, starting in December 2011 – but that was before all the challenges making the fabric (see yesterday’s post).

In the first week of April 2012, FabriTec did their test install of a set of panels.

The results were not good – it took 5 days to do 3 panels… At that rate, it was a two year installation job to put up 336 panels – not an option.

Changes were made to the templates to allow for faster installation – and install methods were re-engineered to meet the condensed timeframe.

Installation of all 336 panels began on June 11, 2012. It was finished July 20 – the last day any work was allowed on the stadium.

That’s right – FabriTec installed all 336 panels, each 80 feet long, in just over a month. Instead of twelve weeks, they did the installation in five.

Hats off to them for a gold medal performance!

Take a look at these photos to see the process:

We had six teams of six people for installation. Their goal was to get two panels up per day. The teams doubled that rate and hit an impressive rate of four per day.