A Cut Above the Rest

Rainier’s Zünd high performance cutter G3 3XL-3200 is fast and flexible.

We added a Zünd G3 3XL-3200 to our shop floor in April. With a cut width of 10.5 feet, the Zünd is our biggest and most efficient automated cutter.


It has an “integrated, compact color camera” that reads reference marks, a material transport bar for processing roll- and sheet materials longer than the cutter, and a “cut queue” for automated workflow and reporting.

The Zünd cut center is efficient: it minimizes set-up times, eliminates mistakes, and makes sure the cutter runs at maximum productivity levels at all times. All the operator has to do is input the design and verify that the right cutting tool is being used. Our operators can set the project up, push go, and get other things done while the Zünd finishes the job.

We often work with unusual materials – so we need a machine that can do the same. The Zünd fills the bill – it can cut acrylic, aluminum, canvas, diabond, Sintra®, mesh, PVC, and a host of others. Plus, it’s capable of cutting through material up to 2 inches thick!

As an added benefit, the Zünd G3 was designed to reach new standards in safety and environmental consciousness. Its variable vacuum system keeps cost & energy use to a minimum (so it meets Rainier’s sustainability goals!).

Here’s a quick-and-dirty video of the Zünd in action on our shop floor this morning, cutting through brushed aluminum (trophy case nameplates) and vinyl (banners).

We’re always expanding our capabilities and upgrading to state-of-the-art technology at Rainier. With the right equipment, we control quality and keep costs down.

And those are savings and quality results that we pass on to you.