Olympic Stadium Wrap: Collaboration, Part III

We’ve come to the end of our Olympic Stadium Wrap story here at the Rainier blog. There’s more to say, and more fun stuff to come in the weeks ahead (videos!). But for now we’re going to “wrap” up the story.

We want to end by talking once more about what was so unusual and so crucial to the success of this project – the partnership between Dow, Rainier, and Cooley.

This was a giant undertaking. From conception to finish, everything about the Olympic Stadium Wrap required innovation, dedication, and determination. The teams at all 3 companies had to problem-solve at every step of the process. Cote d’Ivoire . The unique material of the wrap, the short timeline, & the high-profile nature of the project made this a high-pressure situation.


Render from the Populous 2012 Stadium website

Throughout the process, Dow had an unusual role. Traditionally, we suppose you could say they were the “customer” – they wanted a wrap for the Olympic Stadium made, and they asked Rainier and Cooley to make it for them. In reality, Dow was so much more that. They were a partner. They offered their own resources and expertise whenever possible. Dow leadership and scientists provided support, encouragement, & camaraderie at every turn.

Besides the hundreds of conference calls and emails, there were visits: Dow came to Seattle to see Rainier. Rainier and Dow met Cooley at their plant in South Carolina. And Rainier went to London – 4 separate times!

We count ourselves lucky to have had such great partners. The Wrap couldn’t have been made any other way. Each of the 3 companies contributed distinctive skill sets & capabilities – and each brought exceptional personalities to the table.

Thanks, Dow & Cooley: it’s been great working with you. We’re so proud of what we’ve done, and also how we got it done – together.

“Lots of smiles, laughter, tears.”
– Bruce Dickinson, VP of Sales

“What’s most remarkable about this project is how these four very different companies worked together – in this compressed timeline – to get this done. Everyone rallied together.”
–Charlie Rueb, Display Division Manager

Stadium Aerial Shot from Blogspot