Rainier Production Floor Highlight: Air Platforms

Every day, new projects are completed on the Rainier production floor. We love the weird and unusual ones – projects made with interesting materials, or that require innovative work-arounds in our fabric, metal, or wood shops.

And some projects are just plain fun. This is one of those.

BC Place, the multi-purpose stadium in Vancouver, British Columbia, is currently doing roof repairs. They needed a little boost for their workers.

The roof rises at an angle, and workers need to be flat on their backs in between the outer membrane of the roof and the inner liner, working on the outer.

We designed and produced these “Air Platforms” for them.

So far, we’ve made two. They’re made of 18 oz. vinyl and each is 10′ by 10′. One has a rise of 3′ and the other has a rise of 5′.

The Air Platforms are high volume, low pressure. A pump continuously adds air – very similar to carnival inflatables such as jumping pits or slides.

Four side tubes allow for easy pump access and quick emergency deflation. A zipper runs down the back side of the wedge so the ties inside can be readjusted. Loops secure the Air Platform in place.

This was a fun project to build, and we had fun conducting a very scientific test of the Air Platforms on our production floor:


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