Olympic Stadium Wrap to Be Repurposed for Use in Rio, Uganda and UK

r4-logoWe reported earlier this month (read that post here) that discussions were being held regarding the best way to repurpose the iconic fabric “wrap” that surrounds the Olympic Stadium, and that the intent was to use the panels for shelter someplace where shade is needed. Now it’s confirmed: the Wrap will live on.

Dow announced on August 13th that they’ve partnered with leading UK building and development charity Article 25 and recycling company Axion Recycling to repurpose the entire stadium wrap. The panels are slated for recycling and reuse projects in the UK, and shelter solutions for at-risk children in Uganda and Rio.

In Brazil, Dow and Article 25 are exploring working with the Bola Pra Frente Institute to construct a shaded community area at the organization’s new facility in the Santa Cruz neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro. The Institute was created in 2000 to help children and teenagers from underprivileged communities through social programs focused on education, sports, arts and professional training. Rio will be home to the Summer Olympics in 2016.


The same sheltering solution will be used as part of Article 25’s work with Jubilee Action at a vocational training and counseling center for former child soldiers in Uganda.

The stadium wrap panels will remain as much in their current shape as possible, keeping the look of the Games that has inspired athletes and spectators around the world.

In addition, Dow is working with Manchester-based Axion Recycling to implement additional projects for reuse or recycling of the wrap within the UK. Axion director Keither Freegard says that Axion has “already demonstrated that the stadium wrap can be recycled back into new plastic raw material in our Manchester factory.”

Dow worked with the Building Research Establishment, UK (BRE) to screen and narrow the list of options for the post-Games use of the wrap. In its evaluation, BRE took into account various factors including waste creation, extent of reprocessing required, technical challenge, scale and end of second life use.


“These projects will build understanding about the importance of the use and reuse of materials in the global community. London won the honor of hosting the Olympics in 2012 by promising to inspire a generation of young people around the world to greater heights of personal and sporting achievement. By using the stadium wrap to build essential community facilities in Uganda and Brazil we hope to deliver on this international promise and bring part of the London Olympics to some of the most marginalized youngsters in the developing world.”

– Robin Cross, CEO of Article 25

Sources: Dow, Stadia Magazine, Athletic Business, Resource Media

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