Rainier’s Medal-Worthy London Olympic Stadium Wrap

We’re happy to say that there’s an article today up on My Print Resource about the London Olympic Stadium Wrap project. Our thanks to author Jeffrey Steele for writing a great story about the process —

“On a Friday in late July, the Seattle offices of grand-format custom manufacturer Rainier were abuzz with excitement. And little wonder.cygnusphotowrap

It was the day of the London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremonies, and Rainier employees were seeing the first dramatic televised shots of the Olympic Stadium, dressed up in 336 colorful 80-foot high panels produced by Rainier.

In partnership with Dow Chemical Company and the Cooley Group, Rainier had spent nearly the previous year and a half working on the London Olympic Stadium wrap. Finding the right materials, then getting them printed, and finally ensuring they were correctly installed, had at times appeared an almost insurmountable task […]”

The article covers the highlights and challenges of the project. Steele concludes, “the result justified all the hard work.” We think so, too!

Read the full article on My Print Resource.com.




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