Testing Underway to Add Warhol to Tacoma Dome

If you haven’t already heard the news, the Tacoma Dome is having a little preliminary work done in hopes of a full facelift.

We have partnered with 3M to create a test strip of printed panels that was recently placed on the T-Dome roof. The panels will be in place for about six months to test how well the material and colors will withstand the weather.

The color strips are printed using the most environmentally friendly, solvent-free printed adhesive vinyl and UV laminate material.

Depending on the results of the experiment, the Tacoma Dome will (hopefully!) soon be adorned with a giant flower, originally painted by the late Andy Warhol. About 30 years ago, Warhol submitted his painting in an art competition for decorating the dome.

At the time, the scope of the painting made it a huge and expensive undertaking, but with today’s technology, it could be printed on an adhesive wrap and installed relatively simply.

Check out the Facebook page for the Citizens to Install Andy Warhol’s Flower on Tacoma Dome to stay updated.

Below is a rendering of the flower on the dome.


Photo source: Tacoma News Tribune

Link to story on King 5 news.
Link to story on Tacoma News Tribune.

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