Your brand is your business’ face to the world. It’s what your organization is all about, how you communicate that to people, and how they perceive you.
We know how important your brand is, and how much work you’ve put into building it, and we can help you find the best way to visually represent it.

Top of page: The Ballroom, a restaurant and bar in Fremont, used their branding to design a canopy that became much more memorable and recognizable.

In addition to their aesthetic appeal and marketing value, awnings, canopies, and screens can offer protection for you, your products, and your customers.

The sun can be harmful to your products and furnishings, and uncomfortable for your employees and customers. Ad Shades can add a bright, unique, aesthetic flair to your business and protect your space from the sun, without sacrificing the natural light.


PCC installed colorful screens to protect produce, provide comfortable seating areas, and keep checkstands near windows comfortably cool.


Canopies and awnings can offer protection from drearier weather as well (which we get plenty of in the Northwest).

Rain can make hard flooring slippery as people track water indoors.

Canopies and awnings create a sheltered entrance to your business that can help alleviate the risk of slipping. Unfortunately, however, we can’t do anything about the squeaky shoes.

Top of page: The Ballroom used their new canopy to create a patio space that can now be used year round.


Unless you’re running a speakeasy, a great sign is one of the most important advertising investments you can make.

It works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, attracting the attention of anyone nearby. It lets potential new customers know you’re there, and who you are; and keeps your business fresh in the minds of existing customers whenever they’re in the area.

Ask us to help you design the unique signage that will draw customers to your location, and get the visibility your business deserves.

Top of page: The improvements to the the Ballroom’s sign made it much more noticeable from the street.