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Canopies provide all the benefits of awnings, but in addition to being supported by the building they’re attached to they are supported by at least one stanchion (an upright bar or post).



IFAI'02 Space Needle overall-2Fabric canopies are comprised of a strong, lightweight frame structure over which fabric is stretched and secured.

All awning fabrics have good abrasion resistance and will typically last between five to fifteen years, depending on fabric type, climate, and proper fabric care.

There are many excellent fabrics suitable for awnings – in a variety of colors and patterns. Learn more about the specific fabric options available.


Metal canopies are a sleek, durable, alternative to fabric and can be customized to any shape or size.





College Inn glass awningGlass is another great canopy material.

Glass canopies offer the same marketing and aesthetic benefits of metal and fabric canopies, as well as protection from inclement weather, but without obstructing the passage of natural light.



EllingtonSalesCenter@nightIlluminated canopies give you security 24 hours a day. Your storefront is lit up at night, helping your customers find their way and discouraging thieves after you close. Lighting highlights a canopy at night and neon can provide additional effects. We also provide channel letters or other illuminated signs to promote your business.

Rainier Industries is a licensed specialty electrical contractor and an Underwriters Laboratories-Approved Vendor. UL teams with Rainier to assure the electrical components of our products are properly assembled. It certifies compliance through regular inspection of our manufacturing process. We are licensed as specialty sign contractors.



Peak w/ Hipped End Peak Canopy Half Round
Peak w/ Broken Back Half Round w/ Broken Back Half Round w/ Bullnose End
Canopy Attached to Awning Patio Canopy Free-Standing