Security Roll Shutters

  • Deter break-ins and theft
  • Prevent vandalism
  • Reduce insurance costs
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Reduce glass breakage
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Improve safety and morale



Roll Formed Guide Rail Unique U Sill
Made from superior strength roll-formed aluminum with a high density, hard resin core Unique safe guide rail blocks access to the hardware. Unique U sill prevents the insertion of tools to pry up the rollshutters.
No deflect against Glass Remote Tested
Can be installed over wide spaces, yet won’t deflect against the glass Easy to operate from inside or out. Half Round with
Tested against excessive force.



Extremely strong and durable, Rainier Rollshutters and Vandal Panels are virtually impenetrable.

  • Safety tested against extreme force
  • Can be installed over wide spaces
  • Unique U Sill and Safe Guide Rail block access to hardware and glass
  • Ideal for windows, doors and skylights – anywhere security is an issue
  • Rainier Vandal Panels are the ideal solution for areas where Rollshutters are not an option due to space restrictions or safety exit regulations.
  • Strong and resilient
  • Prevents glass breakage
  • Allow daylight in and a view out
  • Don’t compromise safety or obstruct exits


Shade and Insulation

The sun’s rays can be damaging as well as uncomfortably hot. Rainier Rollshutters provide cooling shade for staff or customers and keep direct sunlight away from your products and furniture. You control the amount of light and heat that enters through your windows.

The excessive heat, brightness and glare of direct sunlight can be uncomfortable and distracting. Rainier Rollshutters provide cooling shade and reduce reflective glare on computer monitors and video screens. The amount of light and heat that enters through the windows is easily controlled to produce a shaded, comfortable environment.

Since extreme weather and temperatures don’t reach the windows, Rainier Rollshutters keep your indoor temperatures—indoors, conserving energy and saving money.

The insulation properties also provide the solution where sound is an issue. Rollshutters offer significant outside noise reduction, creating a quieter environment.