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Since 1896 Rainier Industries sold tents and canvas products to miners headed for the Alaska Gold Rush. Rainier has continued a tradition of high quality tents; today we use state-of-the-art materials and technology to manufacture the most durable and functional products available.

We have developed three products; the Rainier Wall Tents, the Rainier Frame Tents and Rainier Military & Relief Tents. If you don’t see a tent that suits your needs in one of these product lines then our engineering, frame and fabric departments can partner with you to design a custom tent.

Wall Tents

Meet the Rainier Wall Tent from Rainier Industries. It has survived unchanged for a century because it guarantees effective protection from the rain or snow, longer camping seasons and real satisfaction in your outdoor experience.

Skilled, experienced craftsmen expertly finish each tent. You will find that much of the difference is in the details. Each tent includes important features such as roped eaves, reinforced corners, brass grommets, reinforced ridgepole openings at both peak ends and a full overlapping door.

Centennial Wall Tent

Rainier Centennial Wall Tents offer value-added extras designed to make your camp more functional and comfortable at a price that feels good too.

Many features available as options through Rainier Tents are standard equipment on Centennial Wall Tents. This provides a lot more tent for your money than if you were to assemble a similar product using our standard pricing.


A design centuries ahead of its time, the tipi is a mobile shelter built to withstand a range of extreme weather. The Rainier Tipi is a 15-pole Sioux design, with slight modifications.

Rainier offers two types of fabric options for your tipi. Cotton Duck fabric is the traditional untreated fabric popular on the Great Plains. Army duck fabric will give your tipi a longer life with mildew resistance and flame retardant treatments.

Rainier Tipis seams are double needled and lapped to shed water down the slope of the tipi and are made with brass grommet pinning holes, staking holes, reinforced corners on all smoke flaps and a storage bag.

Cook Shacks

The Rainier Cook Shack is a ten-foot extension that mates perfectly with your wall tent and provides a cooking area separate from the sleeping area. It includes a stove jack and the same deluxe Rainier Wall Tent door with Fastex buckles that are found on our standard tents.


The Porch frame aligns with the wall tent frame and eliminates the need for frame uprights and rafters against the tent. The Porch cover overlaps the wall tent by 12 inches to eliminate leaking. For the ultimate camping experience you can add an extra door in the back of your wall tent leading to a Rainier Porch and have a Rainier Cook Shack attached to the front door.

For complete Pricing on all of our Wall Tent Products please download a pdf of our catalog (click image to left).

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Frame Tents

Form follows function. Built with the best quality materials available and the latest technology in fittings, our designers have pioneered the most important advances in today’s frame tent industry.

Strong, simple, compatible. Our tents have become the benchmark by which others are measured. Extremely durable, yet elegant and simple, our system will install faster, look better and last longer.

Precision design components. Rainier’s unique fittings and Lite-Span™ tubing are revolutionary in their practicality and design, yet standardized for the tent industry.

Pop-Up Tents

When you want to draw attention to your organization in a busy place, you need a Rainier pop-up tent with graphics! Print any image on the cover; add side walls and rail curtains to reinforce your message. Tents are light-weight, easy to set up and durable.

Perfect For:

  • Corporate and special events
  • Traveling promotions
  • Concessions
  • Trade shows
  • Auto auctions or detailing


Samba Fabric Colors

  • 100% polyester
  • Does not wrinkle
  • Tight fit on frame
  • Graphics will not scratch off
  • Water resistant, not water-proof
  • Light-weight
  • Translucent
  • Can also be used for regular frame canopies 20 ft wide by any length
Vinyl Fabric Colors

  • 100% vinyl-coated polyester
  • Longer lasting (except graphics)
  • Water-proof
  • Heavier weight
  • Opaque
  • Can also be used for regular frame canopies 40 ft wide by any length

You may choose from among two frames. These have the same durability and ease of set-up.

KD Kanopy Majestic Frame:

  • Aluminum
  • 54 lbs.

Caravan Steel Frame:

  • Steel
  • 58 lbs.


Window Walls

  • Unsurpassed Glass-like clarity
  • 1/3 the weight of glass
  • Patented seamless/stitch-less design
  • Proven break-resistance, strength and durability
  • Available in both unbreakable polycarbonate and high-impact acrylic substrate
  • Custom-made to any unique design or requirement.



Graphics make tents stand out and look festive.

Rainier can help you design your tent, or you can supply your own digital art. We’ll print your graphics, then assemble your cover to meet your specifications and deadline.

Choose from among a variety of tent fabrics to achieve the look you want. Your Rainier Account Manager will be happy to make recommendations so you meet your goals.


For more information on all of our Frame Tent Products please download a pdf of our catalog (click image to left).

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Military & Relief Tents

Fast, Light, Strong, Adaptable: Rainier tents have become the benchmark by which others are measured. Extremely durable, yet elegant and simple, our systems will install faster, look better, and last longer.

Award-Winning Quality & Design: Winner of numerous awards from the Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI) and the Western Canvas Products Association (WCPA).

Over 106 Years of Reliability: Rainier Industries has carried on the legacies of Puget Sound Tent & Awning and Seattle Tent & Awning, two companies that began by delivering tents to miners headed for the Alaska gold rush in the late 1800′s.

GP Medium Tents

The United States Department of Defense called on Rainier Industries to simplify their standard GP Medium tent to be cost effective and quick to produce. Our design is designated as the Commercial Grade Version. The DOD uses this version for disaster relief to nations that request US support.

Measurements:  16′ x 32′
Side wall height:  5′
Ridge Height:  9’7″


  • 10.38 ounce treated Army Duck
  • Full screen on all four sides
  • Steel Internal Frame
  • Two stove holes
  • All stakes, ropes and poles required for installation

Each tent ships in a wooden crate, 16″ x 18″ x 88″ and weighs 380 pounds.

Peru Tents

This all-purpose field tent, based on the GP Medium Commercial Grade design, is improved for a better price, quick installation and superior field performance. The Peru Tent is an ideal solution for housing or field hospital units.

Choose a full internal free-standing frame or a traditional ridge pole set with ropes and stakes. The free standing frame is constructed of 1-3/8″ galvanized steel. It was chosen for its incredible strength without the extra weight and bulk. Ridge poles can be 1-3/8″ galvanized steel.

Measurements:  16′ x 32′
Side wall height:  5′
Ridge Height:  9’7″


  • Thirteen-ounce UV resistant fire retardant polyvinyl cover
  • Quick assembly galvanized frame system
  • Fully opening end doors with fastex buckles
  • Full sized bug screens on all sides which can be opened for cooling or secured for weather protection

The finished tent ships in a wooden crate, 22″ x 28″ x 96″ and weighs 520 pounds.

Haven Tents

When a natural disaster or a disruptive war rips apart the fabric of society in an unfortunate area or the world, nations and organizations mobilize to help those in need. Rainier Industries is called upon by these groups to build fabric shelter products to be used for temporary housing and other humanitarian purposing.

Our latest disaster relief tent is 14′ wide x 24′ – 6″ long with a 6′ wall height.

We have utilized a large outside diameter tubing to keep the all aluminum frame lightweight and strong. Our fittings are durable cast aluminum to keep the frame light. The frame consists of only two types of fitting and two lengths of tubing for simple installation and is fully expandable. The cover material is a 14 oz. laminated vinyl fabric with permanent flame retardant and mildew resistance. Each cover consists of three pieces, one top and two ends. The tops are manufactured with six windows for excellent ventilation and include weather flaps on the outside and privacy flaps on the inside. One end panel contains a window with the same weather and privacy feature and the other end has a door. The doors are secured with a large zipper and can be raised for an awning. You can order these tents with two door ends to allow easy joining of multiple tents.

Our timeless quality is built into every component by Rainier’s craftsman and includes all of the latest reinforcement and attachment technology. The Rainier Disaster Relief Tent includes outrigger ropes and stakes completely ready for install.

Optional wooded crates can be ordered for long term storage if needed.

See more photos of Tents in our Shelter Gallery >
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