Custom Sample Boards

  • Samples Slide Deck.001
  • Samples Slide Deck.002
  • Samples Slide Deck.003
  • Samples Slide Deck.004
  • Samples Slide Deck.005
  • Samples Slide Deck.006
  • Samples Slide Deck.007
  • Samples Slide Deck.008


After many years of trying to have a meaningful “standard” sample package, we have come to the conclusion is that there is no such thing!

Each customer and project seem to have specific requirements that are related to print quality on a given substrate – so we take a different approach.

We produce custom sample packages based upon your needs.

For large projects, we work with you to produce a custom sample board like the ones shown in the images above.

For smaller projects, we have a selection of the most common materials printed with our own imagery.

Or we can print your custom image on sample substrates of your choosing.

Just tell us what you want to do using the form below – and we will get in-touch with you shortly to get started!