How we ended up in the awning and screen business …


We didn’t set out to the world’s finest awnings and screens.

We started out in 1896, supplying rugged canvas tents to prospectors heading north to Alaska during the gold rush. Business was good and the company kept growing. We plugged along like that, building tents and growing a little, for a few decades.

Then the government called, in need of lots of tents and tarps for the troops during World War II. So we grew some more.

Next, we started buying our competitors to increase our production efficiency, and buying state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment to improve our product quality.

We started offering awnings and screens to Seattle residents. Even with our notoriously rainy days, people wanted awnings, and we kept growing. At first, we bought awnings from other manufacturers. But we thought to ourselves “we could make a better product than the ones we’re buying!”

So we did our research to make sure our products are the best ones on the market. We’re proud to be the only manufacturer of screens and awnings based here in the U.S. We supply other awning companies nationwide, and we provide our local customers with screens and awnings direct from the factory.

We like to brag about our years of experience, but we know that it takes more than a long history satisfy our customers’ high expectations.

We make it our goal to give every customer the “WOW!” experience – we work hard, have fun, and we’re easy to do business with.