Home Automation

Adjust screens, lights, and your thermostat with TaHomA – a total home automation system from Somfy Systems.

Not only can you raise and lower your motorized awning and/or screen(s) with Somfy’s TaHomA, but you can also control your lights, and even thermostats. TaHomA enables users to control, schedule, and monitor a variety of products. It efficiently optimizes the interaction of natural and artificial lighting, as well as heating and cooling according to users’ personal preferences – which saves time, energy, and money.

TaHomA’s easy-to-use PC interface allows you to program different scenes for different times, and control them using automated schedules.

Need to adjust something in the middle of the day? You can – from any internet-connected computer, smartphone, iPad, or tablet that supports Adobe Flash player. Whether you have a computer, tablet, smartphone – or all three – TaHomA offers an intuitive, easy to use graphic interface that makes it easy to control your home.

In addition to web and smartphone applications, TaHomA offers a range of dedicated local controls.
Table top controls, for example, are perfect for nightstands and coffee tables, so comfort is always within reach.

Diverse control options allow you to choose the settings that are right for you — and your family.

Motorized awnings and screens powered by Somfy can also seamlessly integrate with existing home automation systems so that you can conveniently control your lighting systems, HVAC, AV, and security systems with one device.