I own a retractable awning from Rainier. I have had it for two years now and we could not be more pleased with our purchase. Recently, we noticed a spot where the fabric was working its way out of the device. I knew I should not attempt to fix it without assistance from a pro.

I called Angus, our original sales person, who addressed the issue himself. He came out on a Saturday, mind, and fixed the situation, explaining as he conducted his work. I am impressed with Angus’ devotion to customer service and I will hearty recommend Rainier to anyone who requires the services you provide.

Russell J.

I love my new motorized awning as it provides a patio shelter for my family to enjoy even on those not-so-great Puget Sound days. Rainier was exceptional from the first email to the last call.

Sean C.

Now that the western summer sun is beginning to impact our living room, we can see the benefits from the sun shades. Our living room is a pleasure any time of the day. Thank you, Rainier Industries!

Kari S.

Our salesperson was awesome and the installers were courteous. I’ve told my neighbors about you guys, and I want to have screens put in later this summer.

Joe K.

I need to let you know how happy I am with the awnings. They way exceeded my expectations. I can’t believe how perfect the color selection is. They just make the house look so “smart.” Everyone who has seen them thinks they look nice.

Sherill M.

Thanks so much for the installation of our solar screen, it’s great! Really helps to cut down the solar heat and eliminate the direct sun UV damage that plagued that room in our house. I wish we’d installed it earlier before our chairs got all sun bleached! The remote makes it so convenient to use. No need to go out in the cold and rain to adjust with a hand crank, or pull that old shade up and down (which never worked…) I’m glad we got that option. Thanks to your team for making this a worthwhile investment. Also thanks for your immediate attention in dealing with the details and keeping things happening.

Brian H.

Our awning was installed today and wow! You did such a great job with the design. The application you recommended was perfect. We’re so thankful we went with Rainier. A home down the street went with someone else and if they could see our awning they would know they made a mistake. To have the awning installed today was a miracle, as we are having guests this weekend and the awning will add so much to entertaining. It is great working with you. Again, Thank You!

Joe & JoAnn P.

Thanks to Rainier Industries who promptly repaired our awning and reinstalled it on a very timely basis. We appreciate the personal attention very much.

Jane M. & Jerome A.

Your sales representative was very knowledgeable and very thorough. He took the time to understand our needs and explained the products very well. We are very pleased.

GiGi L.

We are very happy with our ‘SunShelter’… Sorry we didn’t get it earlier.

Stan H.