Case Study: An Over-sized Screen


Some people will tell you they work best under pressure - at Rainier, we do some of our best work when our clients' requests challenge our capabilities. Our most recent challenge was this over-sized screen for a residence in Tacoma. The customer wanted sun and wind protecting for her large … [Read more...]

Outdoor Heating Options For Fall Weather


We're seeing the first signs of fall, which means it's time to move your patio furniture inside and stop spending time on your deck until next summer, right?  Maybe not! With Americans spending more on outdoor rooms than ever before, it’s not surprising they want to get as much from their … [Read more...]

Which Shading System Is Right For You?


One of the most frequently asked questions we hear is "what's the difference between awnings and screens?" Both awnings and screens provide shade from the sun, but the two offer different types of sun protection. Let's start with the basics: An awning shades your outdoor space We build … [Read more...]

Six Questions To Ask Before You Buy An Awning


So you want to buy an awning.  It's a smart move!  But it's a big purchase, and you're a smart buyer so you'll want to do some research before you sign the dotted line. These are six questions to ask your salesperson (whether you're considering an awning from Rainier or one of our nationwide … [Read more...]

Going Green with a Rainier Screen

Screens block heat from the sun.

We’re just a few days from the official first day of summer, and it looks like we're in for a hot Seattle summer!  The Rainier team is committed to sustainability, and we know that being environmentally friendly is important to our customers, too.  Here are a few of the ways that an awning or screen … [Read more...]

Rainier Screens to the Rescue in Hawaii


When air conditioning isn't enough, lower your screens! In the Pacific Northwest, it's hard for us to grasp the concept of "too hot for air conditioning", but this was a major issue for a customer in Hawaii. In their office space, heat coming in from the windows made adjacent work spaces … [Read more...]

6 More Weeks of Winter?


Tomorrow we'll find out as it's Groundhog Day! The 2011-2012 winter season seems to be anything but predictable.  Here in Seattle we've had more snow over 3 days than what we would typically get in 3 years.  And our friends on the East Coast have been bragging about minimal snowfall and mild … [Read more...]

Top 2012 Garden Trend – Outdoor Living


We know awnings and screens are cool products (and will keep you cool) but we didn't expect to be trend-setters when we started to make them.  Better Homes and Gardens recently published a list of top trends for 2012 and included in the list was outdoor living spaces. According to BH&G, … [Read more...]

Do You Wear Sunblock Every Day?


We were asked this question recently and asked in return why do you have to wear sunblock?  Awnings are designed to keep you and your loved ones safe the sun's harmful rays, enabling you to enjoy your time outdoors. In addition, we use Sunbrella fabrics which have been proven to provide up to 98 … [Read more...]

Sun Protection

Want to preserve the healthy glow of your furniture and your skin? You could try moving to Antarctica, but a more practical solution is to extend your retractable awning! UVA and UVB rays from the sun can damage your skin, as well as fade pigment in your furnishings, interior flooring, and … [Read more...]

Vacation In Your Own Backyard

A retractable awning extends the comfort of your home to your outdoor space. By choosing a motorized awning, you can create instant shelter with just the touch of a button, protecting you from light rain and glaring sun alike. You'll enjoy spending more time outdoors on your deck or … [Read more...]

Cool Naturally

Adding a Rainier Awning to your home keeps you from sweating over energy bills! Sunny summer afternoons can turn your house into a sauna – but using a retractable awning blocks the sun from beating in during the afternoon hours, lowering the temperature without air conditioning. With your home a … [Read more...]

Block The Sun, Not The View

“Stay out of the sun.” We’ve all heard it before, and it’s good advice. But beautiful sunny days are too rare in the Pacific Northwest, so we all want to be outside enjoying the sunshine when we can! Retractable awnings offer the benefits of sun protection without compromising your view. A … [Read more...]

Home Automation

Adjust screens, lights, and your thermostat with TaHomA - a total home automation system from Somfy Systems. Not only can you raise and lower your motorized awning and/or screen(s) with Somfy’s TaHomA, but you can also control your lights, and even thermostats. TaHomA enables users to control, … [Read more...]

Block The Wind

They don't qualify as hurricane shutters, but our screens can be used in high winds. While the other guys will sell you a wind sensor to retract the screens in moderate wind (the wind sensor’s max setting is 28mph) – we decided to just build the product right in the first place. The SRS … [Read more...]

Keep Bugs Outside

The SRS Screen System stops the bugs from bugging you! Flies, mosquitoes, roaches, spiders, scorpions, gnats, “no see-ums” – no problem! Rainier screens keep bugs outside. No matter what bugs you, we stop ‘em. The SRS side rails have no opening for insects or bugs to enter. We also add a … [Read more...]

Reduce Glare

Better than a trip to the eye doctor, these screens block the majority of the sun’s harmful rays – which improves your view, and your vision! Screens are a simple solution to reduce glare on sunny days. Now you can see your TV or computer screen, prevent your flooring and furnishings from fading … [Read more...]

Cut Cooling Costs

Rainier Screens battle the sun to keep you from sweating over energy bills! The sun can act as a furnace for your home – but without an “OFF” switch. Instead, many of us turn “ON” the air conditioners, increasing monthly utility bills. Exterior screens can help stop the sun’s rays from … [Read more...]

Protection From UV Rays

Want to preserve the healthy glow of your interior furnishings and your skin? You could always try living in a cave, but a more practical solution is to lower your screens! It’s a common misconception that window glass will block out damaging UV rays from the sun. This is only half true. … [Read more...]