New Tents Welcome Visitors At Washington State Fair

This year, Washington’s state fair got a new name (the Washington State Fair, imagine that!)

The new name requires a full re-branding effort, which is a costly project.  Read the full article on the Tacoma News Tribune site.

While you’re there, take a closer look at the new entrance — can you spot the tents behind the sign?



Yes, you’re looking at our handy work!

The new tents at the fair create a welcoming entrance, allowing fair-goers to feel transported from outside world to the fair.  This entrance is called the “Golden Gate” (don’t  worry, it doesn’t require an elusive golden ticket!) and the updated look has been in progress for five years now.

The nonprofit organization in charge of running the state fair determined that the re-brand was the perfect opportunity to update the outdated entrance, pictured below.



As you can see, the new entrance allows fair-goers to see the fairgrounds before they enter, and feels more open and spacious.

CEO of the Fair, Kent Hojem, is quoted in the News Tribune article as saying “The Gold Gate we’ve always considered a front door to the fair,” Hojem said. “Everybody involved fell in love with opening up that corner … It looks more comfortable and friendly.”

And for those who miss the cow heads that have graced the entrance for so many years, don’t worry – Hojem promises they’ll be back!

Pictures courtesy of the Tacoma News Tribune.

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