Printed Tent Graphics

Everyone loves to see their name in lights… So offer the opportunity to your customers. Adding graphics to your tent projects can set your company apart from your local competitors, and it doesn’t require a PhD to get it done. Corporate clients will likely have logo graphics already available, suitable for large format printing. You just need the right descriptive words to get the proper files for print production.  The best source for corporate logos and graphics are the clients advertising agency or the printing firm for office forms, business cards, vehicle graphics, etc.

Oracle Tent shots-1You can also ask your tent manufacturer if they have an in-house graphic department that can create new artwork if desired. This service is charged on an hourly rate, and they will provide electronic images for client approval.

Personalized events and corporate branding enhances your presence in the area. Besides the visual impact of a corporate logo or graphic image, having imprinted tents ties your client to your company for repeated use of the printed material.

If you want to offer graphics, the cost of the printing is approximately $4.00 per square foot, plus the cost of the tent panel. For large printing, you will want one of the following formats:  Adobe Photoshop (.psd or .tif), Adobe Illustrator (.ai or .eps), Adobe InDesign (include supporting links & fonts) and Adobe Accrobat (.pdf)-uncompressed.

Give your company an advantage over other tent service providers and offer the ‘opportunity’ to your clients to brand their events with their trademark, logo, or theme for the entire world to see!

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