Pulling Tent Tops – The Easy Way

Tent Pulling

Fifteen years ago, we introduced the first slide-in frame tents tops to the US market. Since then this labor-saving innovation has been copied by nearly every other frame tent manufacturer in the US, and more importantly, has saved countless labor hours for party tent installers. Despite the now widespread use of slide-in tent tops, we still encounter clients who struggle to take full advantage of this type of tent technology. The following article describes some common pitfalls and tips to … [Read more...]

New Location for Rainier Portland

The staff in the Portland office of Rainier Industries is moving into new space this week. Spencer, Barbara, Randy, Dan and Sheridan will still be based in Wilsonville, OR and remain focused on supporting Rainier’s tenting customers with superior tent designs and technical assistance.  Matt Holt will continue to service the east from his office in New Jersey. As part of this move, most Portland fulfillment and production activities will be consolidated into Rainier’s facility in Tukwila, … [Read more...]

Rainier Tents Exhibiting at MATRA Nov 4-6

  Come watch the experts install the Maximizer Tent System Monday November 4. Learn why the Maximizer Tent System is the most profitable, flexible frame to operate in the rental industry - directly from the original tent designer Spencer Etzel. 30’ wide becomes 40; 40’ wide becomes a 50’ wide.  Gable, hip, hex, stage, and transition ends.  Turn corners, add peaks, adapt for snow.  Interchangeable parts means less inventory, more configuration options. Engineered strength for … [Read more...]

New Tents Welcome Visitors At Washington State Fair


This year, Washington's state fair got a new name (the Washington State Fair, imagine that!) The new name requires a full re-branding effort, which is a costly project.  Read the full article on the Tacoma News Tribune site. While you're there, take a closer look at the new entrance -- can you spot the tents behind the sign?   Yes, you're looking at our handy work! The new tents at the fair create a welcoming entrance, allowing fair-goers to feel transported from outside … [Read more...]

The Right Stuff to Service the Party Tent Rental Industry


We Know Your Business The party tent rental industry is a fast-paced, ever-changing business full of both challenges and opportunities. Because of this, it is vital that rental companies partner with industry associates and manufacturers that can not only respond to your needs, but also proactively provide advice and information that can help you to profitably grow your business. An Experienced Tent Team The Rainier sales staff remains a long standing resource to the Tent Rental and Special … [Read more...]

Tent Systems vs. Tents – Knowing the Difference Will Put Money in Your Pocket


We call our Maximizer Frame Tents a “System,” but what does that really mean, and why is it important to someone in the tent rental business?   What is a Tent System? A dictionary defines the word ‘system’ as “a group of interacting, interrelated, or interdependent elements forming a unitary whole.” A tent system then is more than just a collection of parts that can be assembled to make a particular tent. It is a group of components that are designed and manufactured to a common … [Read more...]

Cool Custom Tent Installation – The MAI Pavilion


The Rainier Tent Team recently completed its installation of the MAI Pavilion at the Luminato Festival in Toronto, Canada. Seven Very Unique Interlocking Seven-sided Fabric Structures The project included the design and production of seven very unique interlocking seven-sided fabric structures, with a connecting courtyard in the center. These structures included steel and aluminum structural elements, SIPS and plywood panels in the floors, a specially treated exterior fabric, an insulting … [Read more...]

SEC Group / Rainier Merger – Six Month Review

We are often asked by our customers how the transition has been going - and what has changed at SEC as a result. Spencer Etzel, founder of the SEC Group, shares some of his thoughts below about the new team, the Maximizer Tent System, and the future of the company. Priority #1 - Provide the Same Great Service, Technical Expertise & Responsiveness “Our highest priority through this transition was making sure that our customers knew we were going to provide the same great service, … [Read more...]

LED Lighting: Is it Right for the Special Events Industry?


For many in the tenting and special events industry, LED Lighting is fairly new, a bit of a mystery, and something “we may need to look at for our inventory in the future.” Advantages of LED Lighting The primary advantages of LED’s result from a huge reduction in energy use and much lower heat output when compared to standard incandescent bulbs. They also have the ability to offer color as well as programmable lighting options. A Very Brief History What many do not know is that the … [Read more...]

Rainier Industries Acquires The SEC Group to Expand Product and Service Offerings in the Event Marketplace

Combining The SEC Group’s technical & engineering expertise with Rainier’s state of the art manufacturing capabilities provides customers with more options and faster service. To satisfy increasing demand for their tent products in the event rental business, Rainier Industries has completed the acquisition of The SEC Group in Wilsonville, Oregon. “This is a great marriage of two of the tent industry’s leading players,” commented Rainier president, Scott Campbell. “Spencer and I have … [Read more...]