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Want to Stand Out? Then Dress for Success

If you want your next event to standout against the competition, dress it up with a tent liner from Baytex USA. Our tent liners have been setting the standard for elegance since we first introduced them more than a decade ago.

You never have to have an ordinary tent again because Baytex USA tent liners work in practically all tent styles from most manufacturers.

Frame, Pole, Structure, & Hall Liners

Baytex Silkline linings provide the background for displaying the finished touches to make any party spectacular. You can easily add color, lighting, floral designs and special accents to set the theme for any occasion. Baytex Liners transform any interior to one with warmth, character and class. Choose from gathered or flat styles, with sizes to suit nearly any frame, structure or building.

Baytex Tent and Structure Liners are precisely engineered and meticulously fabricated to fit and hang perfectly, even after years of use. Our standard sizes and designs will fit most pole tents, frame tents, and clear span structures.

The Fabric

Silkline Plus FR75 and Silkline Plus FR 300 are Baytex’s unique 100% polyester fabrics with soft wrinkle resistant finish. Silkline fabrics are flame resistant and woven from inherently flame retardant thread. Under test they exceed American NFPA 701 Small Scale tests and the California Fire Marshall Title 19 standards.

Fabrics are available in white, black and champagne and special colors are available at extra cost. Silkline fabrics are easy to care for, machine washable and extremely durable.

The System

Baytex Tent and Structure Liners come complete with installation hardware and durable, color coded, labeled storage bags,

Pole tent and frame tent liners come complete with all installing hardware and installation instructions

The MOD series is a versatile multi-purpose modular system for installing in structures from 10m wide up to 50m wide and beyond. It can be used in any rectangular space where there is facility for overhead attachment. It consists of a set of modular lining panels, attached between an alloy rail system, suspended by a set of ropes and pulleys enabling full installation from the ground, in most instances, without overhead equipment.

The Installation

Hardware components are installed during tent assembly. The lining fabric installs after the tent is completely assembled, in most cases at ground level or eave height, seldom requiring ladders. Liner end and mid sections are joined with Velcro seams and overlapping devices, so the installer can easily match the tent size to the modular components. The installation hardware can also be used to support lighting fixtures and to attach ceiling décor.

1, 2 & 3 Rail Configuration Liner, Installation Guide

Modular Configuration Guide (PDF)

Liner Maintenance