The Right Size Tent Heater

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You have the tent, you have the tables, you have the chairs and the catering people are on board. Now you look at the forecast and see that the weather is going to be on the cool side. You decide that a heated tent is needed for the upcoming event to be comfortable for the guests. So what do you need to know to correctly heat the tent? Determine how much heat (in BTU’s) is needed for your tent and size the heater(s) accordingly Identify the fuel source and the quantity of fuel … [Read more...]

Ten ways to get killed or injured on the job

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Safety starts a long time before you show up on the job site. Safety begins before the job is even sold. There are steps along the way that can make a difference between you and having a long and satisfying career or you ending up injured, crippled for life, or dead. Before you get to the job site: 1) Bad Planning: a. Inadequate site survey: This happens when hazards go unrecognized or unreported. b. Not assigning enough... Time, Personnel, or Resources to do the job. Forcing crews to … [Read more...]

Introducing the Maximizer Earth Anchor


  Maximizer Earth Anchor The Maximizer Earth Anchor is the revolutionary new ‘anchoring’ product developed specifically for the ‘holding’ requirements of tents and temporary or semi-permanent structures in the Rental Industry. This ‘game-changing’ product boast significant benefits over conventional staking methods… • Holding Power – Superior holding power to conventional stakes • Lightweight – The aluminum advantage: Shipping cost, on-site handling • Durability – Cast aluminum … [Read more...]

Rainier Power Wall


Designed for the Maximizer Tent System The Rainier Power Wall also fits other frames and structures as well. This roll-up power wall has state-of-the-art technology and uses our wind resistant Side Retention System (SRS). It comes in 11 standard frame colors and can be operated via wireless remote or hand wound. Numerous fabric selections are available. Printed screens, as an option shown in this video, adds another benefit for your customers.     … [Read more...]

Pulling Tent Tops – The Easy Way

Tent Pulling

Fifteen years ago, we introduced the first slide-in frame tents tops to the US market. Since then this labor-saving innovation has been copied by nearly every other frame tent manufacturer in the US, and more importantly, has saved countless labor hours for party tent installers. Despite the now widespread use of slide-in tent tops, we still encounter clients who struggle to take full advantage of this type of tent technology. The following article describes some common pitfalls and tips to … [Read more...]

Custom Banquet Facility


After nearly 2 years of planning and permitting, a new banquet facility has been completed at the John F. Kennedy golf course in Napa, California. Rainier’s team, led by project designer Spencer Etzel and project manager Randy McCauley, completed the 40’ x 74’ fabric structure. The new facility was entirely custom built and designed. Tan Ferrari fabric with two sides in standard sidewall followed up with two sides of custom glass walls. The tent includes printed gable ends, two sets of … [Read more...]