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PARTY LIGHTS by Maximizer Products offer an exceptional line of tent lights and chandeliers, space lighting, twinkle strings and electrical control accessories. Party Lights are designed to compliment your events, provide years of dependable service, setting your decorating above the ordinary.

String Lights


10-Light String [M210] spans 24 to 40 feet. (400 Watts)

Great for outlining tent eaves and ridges or anywhere to strike a mood. Easy to install, each lamp base with 6″ globe has a stainless steel hook and hangs on any perimeter cord or sidewall line. Available with virtually unbreakable white or clear prismatic polycarbonate globes. Each string has a proportionate cord and pigtail for connecting extensions.

Coil Cord:

Allow placement flexibility from 2 feet to 4 feet between
each globe with retractable cord.Party-Lights-Coil-Cord

5 – Light String [M205] spans 12 to 20 feet (200 Watts)

Two 10-Light cord strings fit the perimeter of a 20′ x 20′ tent.
Each 5-Light string adds up to 20′ length.

Straight Cord:

Cord length between lights is 10 feet for
standard 10 foot tent leg spacing.


 8 – Light String [M218] spans 80 feet (320 Watts)

2 – Light String [M217] spans 20 ft. (80 Watts)

Floor Lamps

Give your event a regal look, both indoors and out.

Designed for safe, long and trouble-free service. Constructed from white PVC resin material with cement weighted bases to ensure stability. Floor Lamps are available in two styles, each with three level dimmer switch for that “just-right” atmosphere. Each fixture has a 20 foot power lead cord and pigtail for connecting extensions.


1-Globe [M109] 72″ high with 12″ Globe (100 Watts)

4-Globe [M202] 78″ high with 8″ Globes (240 Watts)

Adapter [M214] Converts Floor lamp tops [M109 & M202] to a Chandelier



Engineered in white PVC resin material that won’t rust or fade and is easy to maintain. Chandeliers are available in four sizes, designed proportionally for the typical lighting requirements of the following tent sizes.

1-Globe [M302] with 12″ Globe Designed for
tents 10′ wide or multiple for larger tents (100 W)

4-Globe [M208] with 8″ Globes
Designed for tents 10′ – 20′ wide (240 W)

5-Globe [M209] with 10″ Globes
Designed for tents 30′-40′ wide (375 W)

Super 5-Globe [M211] with 12″ Globes
Designed for tents 40′ – 50′ wide (500 W)


Click here to download the Party Lights PDF (4 pages)