Tent Wash & Stain Remover

Tent Wash 101i:20150616-DSC_0008_LQ
Designed to clean vinyl tents and party equipment, this heavy duty detergent system is formulated to clean the most badly soiled surfaces. Excellent for spray on, wipe off hand washing and spotting for quick touch up of party products.

Available in 1 gallon, Case of 4 gallons, 5 gallon pail, 20 gallons (4 – 5 gallon pails) , or 55 gallon drum.

Spotter 86i:
Removes tar, wax, grease, ball point ink, and other hard to remove stains from tent vinyl.
Available in 1 gallon, or Case of 4 gallons

Starter Pack includes 3 gallons of Tent Wash and 1 gallon of Spotter.

Click here for a TechTip on Cleaning Tent Vinyl

Stay Put Wall Hooks

20150616-DSC_0001_LQStayput parts install in fabric without grommets. Simply punch a 1/4″ hole, insert the snap and press parts together. The tent wall hook snaps onto sidewall ropes or cables. The keder slide works in most aluminum beams. Made of high quality glass filled nylon impervious to UV or freezing, with no strings to corrode or jam.

Ultimate Keder Bullet Install Kit

20150616-DSC_0002_LQThis useful kit includes everything you need to install keder bullets on your slide-in tops. The 50 tapered keder bullets are made from high-impact Delron plastic and guide the keder bead on your fabric through the aluminum tracks during installs, reducing abrasion and extending keder life. The 13mm or 11mm steel drilling guide, complete with standard drill bit, slides over the end of the keder bead to assure proper centering of the hole.