Tent Tips

Seating Allowances

We are often asked, “What size tent do I need?” Here are some rules
of thumb to calculate how much space you need. You’ll first have to
get an estimate of the number of people that will attend your function
or occupy the tent.

Table Layout


Theater Seating (chairs in rows) 6sq. ft.
Classroom Seating (tables & chairs in rows) 6sq. ft.
Banquet Seating (Oblong or Rectangular) 8sq. ft.
Round Tables, Seating 10 10sq. ft.
Round Tables, Seating 6, 8, 12 12sq. ft.
Cocktail Parties (All Standing) 6sq. ft.
Cocktail Parties (Some Seated) 8sq. ft
Dance Area 2-4sq. ft.
Bar Area 100sq. ft.Total
Buffet Area (per table) 100sq. ft. Total
Piano (Spinet or Upright) 50sq. ft. Total
Piano (Grand) 100sq. ft. Total
Band 100sq. ft.