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Why Buy Rainier

Rainier’s roots go back to the Alaskan Gold Rush. We were founded in 1896, and began building yurts in 2004 after the acquisition of Nesting Bird Yurts. We are the only yurt supplier that has been satisfying customers for over 115 years!

Our yurts are the best available on the market. Yurts have been around for about two thousand years, and we have improved upon this time honored structure. Our yurts are built with engineering to withstand harsh weather conditions, the highest quality materials we can find, and skilled craftsmanship.

Each of our three yurt models is designed and built with Rainier's commitment to excellence.

Our Eagle model is the highest quality, most robust yurt available on the market today.

Our Raven model combines form and function, and is priced to match the yurts made by other manufacturers.

Camp Wawona Sets Up An Eagle Yurt in Yosemite

Here is a video of Camp Wawona setting up a 24 foot Eagle yurt in Yosemite National Park.
This "video" is made up of a bunch of camera shots that were then turned into a video.
Total set-up time was only 4 hours!

What Our Customers Are Saying

Dana Hendel is quite possibility the best vendor rep I’ve ever worked with. She is resourceful, flexible, and thinks on the fly. I gave her an impossible task – to manufacture, ship, and complete a 24 foot Rainier yurt on Lake Bruin near St. Joseph, Louisiana. We started construction less than a month ago and I am in the yurt now watching the College World Series on a flat screen TV. The quality of this Rainier yurt is outstanding. If Dana says she can do something, she will, and she will hit the ball out of the park.
Blaine L.