Company History

How we ended up in the yurt business …


We didn’t set out to make the world’s finest yurts.

We got our start in 1896, supplying rugged canvas tents to prospectors heading north during the Alaska Gold Rush. Business was good and the company kept growing – for decades.

Then the government called, in need of lots of tents and tarps for the troops during World War II. So we grew some more.

Next, we started buying our competitors to increase our production efficiency, and buying state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment to improve our product quality. Our product line became more diverse – we could (and still can!) build just about anything with fabric and a little hard work.

In the 90s, we met the Nesting Bird Yurt Company and helped them redesign how they made their roofs. Since yurts are used for shelter, the roof is one of the most important parts.

Yurt construction techniques hadn’t changed too much since the early days, and we thought it was time for an upgrade or two. We used our knowledge of materials and patterns and fabric construction techniques to totally change the way yurt roofs were designed and made – for the better!

Our new radial seam roof system really improved the fit and finish of the final product. So much so that most of our smart competitors copied it in one form or another. Which was good, because now everyone makes a better product than they used to.

We became pretty good at making the best yurt roof in the business –unfortunately, Nesting Bird was struggling. We liked them so much that we acquired the company in 2004, and we’ve been building (and redesigning) yurts ever since. Click here to learn more about how we combine state-of-the-art manufacturing with good old fashioned craftsmanship.

And that’s how we got into the business – now we’re glad we did, because we make a really great product and have fun while we’re at it.