Earth Day

earth-day-300x289Each year on Earth Day, April 22, the Peace Bell at the United Nations will ring at the moment spring begins. As this occurs, a celebration of life will cover our globe as bells ring in every community and people join in heartfelt love and devotion to the care of this nest in the stars: Earth, our wonderful home.

The original Earth Day, on the March equinox, is considered
Earth’s global holiday.
Drawing together peoples of all nations, cultures, and religions
to advance Peace, Justice, and Earth Care.

By John McConnell, Founder of Earth Day

Sustainability is not just another catch phrase at Rainier, “to respect and to protect our environment” is an initiative that is part of our mission statement and put into practice every day.

In 2006 we developed Rainier’s Sustainability Initiative:

To help protect and preserve our natural resources for future generations.
To provide our customer with materials that are produced using sustainable materials.
To provide a safe workplace for our employees.
To manufacture goods sustainably.
To do this daily, consistently, and thoughtfully.
To encourage others to do the same.

In 2008 we formed a formal Environmental Management System and we are proud to be the only International Organization for Standardization- ISO 14001 certified yurt manufacturer in the world. ISO 14001 certified participants have representation from all over the world (last count 159 countries.)  We are continuously improving on our commitment to reduce waste, keep our utilities down, reduce product packaging, improve air quality, and encourage employees to carpool, ride their bike, and recycle in their personal life.


Rainier continues to break new ground as an industry leader in the area of environmental stewardship. Sustainability is defined as meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to met their own needs. Steve Johnson, the Administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency states: “We have a responsibility to sustain – if not enhance – our natural environment and our nation’s economy for future generations.

Being “green” is not a trendy marketing ploy at Rainier. we are serious about our Environmental Management System and are working hard to respect and protect our environment. We have won several awards for sustainability; including “Best Workplace for Waste Prevention and Recycling,” and a national “Sustainability Recognition Award” to name a few.

We have been a contributor to The Nature Conservancy for over 20 years, the leading conservation organization working around the world to protect ecologically important lands and waters for nature and people.

Rainier, like many conscious companies, is a leader in the environmental push. As you can imagine, it is laborious and exhaustive to be a pioneer within your industry.

There are plenty of opportunity for individuals to contribute and make a difference.

What can you do? Help your neighborhood or town to be an Earth Trustee community. Spread the word about solar energy, recycling, planting trees, neighborhood gardens, composting and fuel efficient vehicles, healthy diet, sleep and exercise. When you buy or invest, make choices that diminish pollution and poverty – that increase sustainable development. Join or form a group that will further these purposes.

We are all members of one human family that has inherited a planet rich in resources. We each have an equal responsibility to take care of our precious resources.