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Thank you so much for the advice and taking the time to help me. We are so happy we did our homework  and went with Rainier Yurts. The yurt is super nice and has turned out better than we could wish!!!

Cody S.

We will 100% be buying a Rainier Yurt. Coming from a construction background, I can’t go with the other brands after seeing your wall, and especially the rafter construction! I’ll be honest, I thought for sure i’d go with a Pacific Yurt, but after seeing your website there is no way I would ever go with the others. I also love how your walls tuck under the platform to seal out wind, moisture, and bugs (very important to my girlfriend!)

I love the customer service as well, it’s clearly top notch.

Matthew R.

We chose Rainier Industries and ordered 15 yurts. Their pricing and product quality were superior to the other companies, and Dana’s customer service sealed the deal for me.

Dana spent numerous hours advising us on how to install the yurts, which is the sole responsibility of the customer. During the placement of our order, we put Dana under the stress of pushing the manufacturing deadline down to the hour. She was working overtime, had her crews working overtime, and was challenged with reoccurring last minute changes. Her attitude and top-notch service never faltered.

Read more: http://www.rainier.com/yurts/about/testimonials/rave-reviews/

Brandi E.

Our two 16’ Eagle yurts continue to perform in rain, snow, hail, 100mph wind and extreme sun, a testament to their superior design.

I wanted to personally thank you and your team for the great support over the 15 years that we have been part of the Rainier/Nesting Bird family. Your recent delivery of 3 replacement panels, after the original ones survived 15 years of extreme weather and UV at 8,000+ feet in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Northern California, came on-time and to exacting specifications.

We were able to replace the panels quickly and without any issues, which is great given our remote location. In addition the custom door covers that your team had made previously made continue working great to protecting the wooden door from all sorts of weather.

Thanks for making, and supporting, a great product – you earn the moniker “The Yurt Girl” over and over!

Mike D.

Dana Hendel is quite possibility the best vendor rep I’ve ever worked with. She is resourceful, flexible, and thinks on the fly. I gave her an impossible task – to manufacture, ship, and complete a 24 foot Rainier yurt on Lake Bruin near St. Joseph, Louisiana.

We started construction less than a month ago and I am in the yurt now watching the College World Series on a flat screen TV. The quality of this Rainier yurt is outstanding. If Dana says she can do something, she will, and she will hit the ball out of the park.

Blaine L.

I just wanted to say thank you so much for your help in the purchase of our yurt and correcting the small hiccup we had with the insulation. The new insulation got here as quick as possible. You have been wonderful to work with, thank you so much!

Estri D.

I recently bought a 27′ yurt from Rainier.

Prior to the purchase, I spent about 6 years looking. I originally was going to get a different manufacturer’s yurt. I found a couple that were on Kicking Horse Ski Mt in Canada, a 30 footer near the summit and a 24 footer halfway down. I found another one in downtown Talkeetna, Alaska. They looked good and handled big snow loads.

I went with Rainier instead. I now have the best yurt on the market, and if I buy another one (which is likely) it will be another Rainier Yurt, no doubt about it! You get what you pay for. I strongly advise you to go to Seattle and do a walk thru to see the differences for yourself.

Paul H.

We would recommend Rainier without hesitation to anyone, and that recommendation would include the great help and service you provided for our camp. You went beyond what was required, and made it happen.

Steve A.

It’s nice to know the customer service at Rainier doesn’t end once the sale has been made.

Jane K.

Choosing Rainier for our yurt was one of the best decisions we have ever made. We began the process knowing nothing about yurts, and Dana was there from the very start, answering every single question. And it’s not just that she answered the questions, it’s that she answered them well.

Rainier’s customer service helped us turn our yurt into a home. The yurt itself is an incredible structure, and with one look the quality of craftsmanship is both obvious and awe-inspiring. So often I look up at our amazing roof and am so grateful we bought such a high quality product. I am so grateful that our yurt feels safe, secure and sturdy. And it’s beautiful.

I can’t recommend the Rainier experience enough. Every interaction, every feature of the yurt, everything has been incredible. When building any type of housing, it makes sense to choose a company that prioritizes BOTH a quality product and incredible service. That combination is hard to find these days. That combination is why I chose Rainier.


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