Guest Post: Why Pellet Stoves Are Great

Image by s0gallchoir via Flickr

Statistics have shown that heating costs are around a third of the costs of most homes' utility bills. Therefore people are seeking cost saving and efficient ways to stay warm. One of these alternatives is the pellet stove. They look like a conventional wood stove but operate just like the modern … [Read more...]

Less Hassle, More Life

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Are you considering a lifestyle change? What is holding you back? Fear of the unknown is my guess.¬†Whether you are gauging a Rainier Yurt as your next primary home or as a secluded second home, the option of an efficient and sustainable structure is extremely tempting to many. There are a … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Adventures (Part 2)


Here is part two in a two-part guest post from Fisher. (In case you missed it, click here to read part 1!) Determined to build her dream yurt on a remote island in the San Juan Islands nestled just below Canada on the Pacific Coast in Washington State, Fisher is now sharing her yurt complete with … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Adventures (Part 1)


"Everyone who visits me comments on how peaceful and cozy my home is and how wonderful the energy is," says Fisher, a pioneer woman with a can-do attitude. Here is her story in her words ... *** I bought a yurt from Rainier. It is very high quality and comes as a kit ready to assemble. Before that … [Read more...]

Repost: Rate Your Yurt’s Fire Safety

This post was originally published in July 2014, during one of the driest, and worst wildfire seasons Washington state had seen. Summer 2015 is shaping up to be just as dry and risky for fires, if not worse! A little planning and preparation go a long way to ease your mind and keep you safe in … [Read more...]

D.I.Y. Corner


Yurts are the ultimate Do-It-Yourself kit! You'll receive your yurt in a crate, with labeled hardware boxes that are numbered corresponding to our 70 page yurt manual. If you follow each step in the sequence before moving on to the next one, you'll have a successful build and be ready to enjoy … [Read more...]

Floorplans and Yurt Living


Since no two people are the same, no two yurts need to be the same. Think of a yurt as a huge canvas (pardon the pun) to express your individuality! Some people may like the open space and not want to break it up without any interior walls or barriers. Others, often out of necessity, will divide … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Phase Two


A few months ago, we shared a guest post from Savannah, a new yurt owner in rural Texas. Savannah is documenting her family's yurt experience on her blog, riding yurty. I'm happy to share the next chapter from their yurt raising: "Phase Two!" ~Dana *** This past weekend Chris had … [Read more...]