Rainier Yurt Models

Hand crafted for life’s possibilities

Rainier Yurts are designed and built to withstand the harshest environments. They can be created as a remote retreat, or wired, plumbed, and outfitted with all the modern conveniences.

The serene, circular space is efficient and versatile. Yurts offer a range of possibilities for urban or wilderness settings.

Something special for families

  • Affordable vacation home
  • Private ski cottage or hiking oasis
  • Guest house or home office
  • Secluded spa enclosure
  • Art, music, or fitness studio
  • Living space during construction

A variety of commercial uses

  • Seasonal group housing solutions
  • RV Park cottages
  • Retreat and conference center lodging
  • Backcountry vacation rental
  • Offices or classrooms

Whatever you have in mind, Rainier Yurts are as versatile as your imagination!

Learn more about our yurt and shelter products

The Eagle is the ultimate luxury yurt

The Raven combines form and function

The Sparrow is small, lightweight, and economical

The Canvas Cottage combines our experience in the tent and shelter industry with top-of-the-line yurt technology


  1. Yoav says


    I have a 30ft yurt and the top dome is cracked.
    Any thoughts in how to fix it? Fiberglass…
    Or get new/used one?


    • jennie says

      Hi Robin –

      Dana will be in touch to answer your questions about the velcro windows as well as dome cleaning. Thanks!

  2. Michael says

    Do I need planning permission in Fremont Ca to build one of these on my property? I have called but I keep getting to different planners who just cannot answer directly and transfer my call to another planner…

    • jennie says


      Sorry to hear you’re getting the runaround from the local planning department – we’ve heard from Rainier yurt dwellers that patience and persistence are the most important resources to have when you’re getting ready to build your yurt! Dana will contact you to see if we can help provide more specific information that the planning department may need. In the meantime, there’s good advice in this post on our blog: http://www.rainier.com/yurts/yurt-living/outfitting-your-yurt/energy-code/

      Good luck!

    • jennie says

      We’ve got an outstanding team here, but Dana is the resident yurt expert, so she is the go-to gal for answering questions and the like! I’ll pass this on to her supervisor 🙂

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