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Our Rainier Cottages are handcrafted with beautiful canvas walls on a durable Douglas Fir frame that can be set up as a permanent or semi permanent structure. They are sturdy enough to be left up year-round in most climates.

Cottages are easy to assemble and outfit with the comforts of home, such as electricity, heat, and other modern necessities.

Rainier Cottages combine our long experience in the tent industry with our top-of-the-line yurt construction in a spacious, affordable, and adaptable structure. Cottages have many possible uses. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Vacation Retreat
  • EcoTourism Accommodations
  • Campground Rental Unit
  • Guest Room
  • Backyard Office
  • Workshop
  • Camp Lodge
  • Photo Studio
  • Retreat Accommodation
  • Yoga Studio
  • Fishing / Hunting Cabin
  • Emergency Shelter
  • Temporary Housing
  • Playhouse
  • Classroom

Each Rainier Cottage offers a frame constructed from hand selected and sustainable Douglas Fir which is machine stress rated (MSR) to attain higher wind and snow loads.

Our cottages are made with breathable fabric shell made of 100% cotton army duck canvas, which is water repellent, mildew resistant, and flame retardant in a natural canvas color.

Cottage walls are six feet high with varied ridge height per tent size (at an average of 11’ tall.)

Waterproof rainfly is made out of a 14 oz. reinforced vinyl with an acrylic top coat.

Each cottage has one door and three windows (with options available for larger doors and additional windows.)

The Rainier Cottage offers two different models available in 6 sizes to fit your budget and lifestyle. The differences between the two models of Rainier Cottages are purely based on the windows and doors.

The Lakedale model has three screen windows sewn into the canvas that with a zippered privacy flap. In addition, the wall-tent style door is also sewn into the canvas walls and includes a bug screen.

For a sturdier frame, we offer the Denali model, which is equipped with three glass windows and a glass door that has a screen for the upper pane.

A number of options are available to customize your cottage, including double French Doors with mini blinds, and high wind cables.

Lakedale Cottage


The Rainier Lakedale Cottage, with its tent-like cozy feel, makes a perfect home away from home.
The handsome wood frame accommodates three screen windows sewn into the translucent cotton canvas that can be zipped up with a privacy flap or left open and tied back to let the natural sunlight and fresh air in. The tent-style door opens all the way to the ridge, which allows an open, airy feel and easy access.

Optional Features Include:

  • High Wind and Roof Cables
  • Storm Door
  • Double French Door
  • Deluxe Double French Door with Internal Mini Blinds
  • 4′ x 4′ Glass Window

Denali Cottage


The Rainier Denali Cottage is characterized by its extremely sturdy and efficient design.

A handcrafted Douglas Fir frame offers three 4’ x 4’ glass windows that can slide open for the fresh natural air to filter in. A storm door is built into the frame and features a hidden screen.

Optional Features Include:

  • High Wind and Roof Cables
  • Double French Door
  • Deluxe Double French Door with Internal Mini Blinds

Purchase a complete cottage without a platform or an a la carte kit, where you provide your own lumber and build the frame and platform with plans and materials supplied by Rainier.

An a la carte kit provided by Rainier includes:

  • Fabric Cover and Rain Fly
  • Set of Plans and Materials List
  • Routed Birch Plywood Gussets
  • Ridge Couplers
  • Fittings for the Standoff-arms and Rain Fly
  • Ratchets and Webbing

Customer is responsible for:

  • Lumber (2×4s and 2×6s)
  • Standard Hardware for Rafters, Gussets and Fly Eve
  • Aluminum Pipe and Coupler for Fly Eve
  • Hem Tension Pipe
  • Framing Hardware

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    • jennie says

      Thanks, they’re a beautiful option! Dana will send you a price list and give you some more information about the Cottages.

    • jennie says

      Hi John –

      Thanks for reaching out! Both of our cottage models are available in two sizes. Dana will send you a price list – look for that in your email inbox!

  1. says

    Hello. . I am interested in finding a wood framed canvas cottage. . Something I can put on a raised deck and take down in the winter. . Not sure on what size.. Brainstorming a project and just getting ideas. .

    • jennie says

      Great idea, the cottage is pretty simple to take down, set up, and store! Dana will be in touch to talk about the different options we have available.

  2. Jennie says

    Im looking for a more permanent option for my back yard as a guest room for company occasionally throughout the year with off grid living arrangement that we do on our own. Also as an option to take into retirement if we love it. Is it legal to have that kind of a structure permenant in the Federal Way area.? Also wanting it to maybe replace our covered leaking rotting deck. Im trying to stay small but adequate due to cost considerations.

  3. says

    Hi. Can you send me prices of the canvas cottage? Would these be warm enough to live in during the winter months in the South, as in North Carolina/Georgia, if using a wood burner for heat? Thanks for any info you can give me!

    • jennie says

      Hi Karen,

      I’ve forwarded your question to Dana – she’ll be happy to send pricing, as well as information on heating options and insulation. Check your inbox for that!

    • danah says

      Dear Morgan, I have emailed you our price lists. you can also download our price-lists from our website by going to the Pricing tab – in the right margin is a form to download the price-lists for all of our products.
      Thanks and have a great day!
      Dana ~ The Yurt Girl ~

  4. Steven says

    Could the structure rest on a level natural surface (grass, dirt)? Or would a deck be required? Thank you.

    • jennie says


      Like our yurts, the canvas cottages need to be installed on a platform for stability. Dana will be in touch to share more information.

  5. Tom Hayes says

    I just saw your yurt on how it’s made. May I have a catalog of your canvas guest rooms? Prices too please!
    Thank you

  6. Melissa Arnold says

    I would love your pricing of your tents and Yurts. We bought 32 acres of property to build our dream home and we are looking for temporary housing. Do you have information about options for the bathroom too?

  7. Dick Fleming says

    Dana: we have summer property on a lake in northern Wisc. Expanding family raises need for more sleeping accomodations, and a “get away” place for rainy days. We do have suitable space to construct a platform, meet zoning requirements, store in the winter thus erect in the Spring and take down end of cottage season. we have adequate storage space in the non-use period – probably Oct 15 to April 15. Ideal if we could sleep 6 persons. Could supply electricity. What can you suggest? Wouldlike to see plans and cost estimates. Thanks! Dick Fleming

    • jennie says


      I’ve forwarded your comment to Dana; she’ll be in touch to discuss the different options and pricing. Thanks for getting in touch!

  8. says

    Iam interested in buying steal framed canvas tents that are water proof, mobile so that can be carried out on land cruiser roof, with open door and net windows preferedbly green colour with top shed.
    Thank you

    • jennie says

      Fortunatua –

      Thanks for getting in touch! Sounds like the canvas cottage might not be quite what you’re looking for, but perhaps our wall tent could be. Dana will be in touch with you to discuss your needs and see what would be a good fit.

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