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If you have a passion for excellence, you’ll love our Eagle Yurts

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In Northwest legend, the eagle is strong, powerful, and protective. Our top-of-the-line, luxury yurt model is true to its namesake.

The Eagle soars above other yurts with quality and innovative features that make up the most beautiful, safest, and hardiest yurt available today.

The Eagle’s standard options are nothing to scoff at. Featuring the widest and clearest windows in the market, real full size doors, our exclusive radial roof construction, and aircraft grade stainless steel 1/4″ tension cable (the strongest in the industry!)

Even better, the options to upgrade and customize your yurt are limited only by your budget and imagination! The Eagle offers the flexibility to suit your unique needs and desires.

Whether you want to get closer to nature or simply prefer the cost and efficiency of this unique structural alternative, our Eagle model is the ultimate, luxury yurt – built to be the best.

The list of features for the Eagle is a long one – read on to see why the Eagle is in a class of its own!

Tall Walls

At 7′ 4″ the Eagle has one of the tallest walls in the industry, giving it a spacious and open feeling that just can’t be matched by other yurts.

Better still, our tall walls allow for full size doors so you won’t have to stoop to walk into your yurt!

Picture Windows

Our InvisiLook Picture Windows are the widest and clearest in the market.

Our standard picture window is 84″ wide and 50″ high to give you the best view you can get. They are made out of 30mil InvisiLook – a scratch-resistant marine grade polymer sheet designed give you near perfect visual clarity.

InvisiLook’s 30mil thickness keeps it structurally straight for an undistorted view, even at large sizes.

Real Full Size Doors – An Eagle Exclusive!

Smart manufacturers know when to buy versus build. On the Eagle, we wanted the best door and we didn’t think we could make it ourselves. We found a door maker that has been around almost as long as we have and they’re right here in the Pacific Northwest.

The Buffelen Woodworking Company shares our manu-craftering philosophy and builds a great door. We custom craft the strongest, prettiest door frame in the yurt industry. The two parts are a marriage made in yurt heaven.

We have a variety of door choices, including: solid wood doors for privacy; our popular half-light door; and full light doors to maximize your view and natural lighting. We also offer beautiful French door sets.

The Eagle Compression Ring

The Eagle Compression Ring is the heart of your yurt, a work of art. It combines strength and beauty in a multi-layered, laminated, solid MSR Douglas Fir wooden ring, drilled and doweled for extra strength.

Every surface is milled, sanded, and smoothed until it is beautiful to the eye and smooth to the touch. Each ring is hand crafted, perfectly round, and milled to the exact angles for a perfect fit to the rafters.

Unlike other compression rings, the internal surface is milled to a perfect circular shape to visually complement the natural shape of the yurt. There are no straight lines to distract the eye.

An average finished ring is around 6 1/2″ thick with a 64″ diameter. Then it’ is Verde treated to remain strong and beautiful for life. Verde is the first of its kind. It is a 100% sustainable, petroleum free oil finish with no heavy metal compounds, no odor, and no offensive fumes.

A ZERO-VOC finish, it is made with new age vegetable ester solvents, tough plant based resins, and high quality Brazilian rosewood oil – and it offer 99% UV protection for wood in interior and exterior applications.

To say we are proud of our ring is an understatement – it is our work of art.

Unique Rainier Radial Roof Construction

Another Eagle exclusive – our roof outer membrane is cut in pie-shaped pieces with radial heat seals for a stronger roof that looks polished and will maintain a clean surface.

All of our roofs are fully sealed from the peak to the bottom of the drip-edge/valance. There is no stitching to fail in the sun and there is no possibility of leakage. The small turned hem at the very bottom is stitched with expensive Tenara thread that has a lifetime guarantee against loss of strength.

The standard roof membrane is German made structural grade 19oz vinyl coated polyester with a lacquer acrylic top coat – and it carries a 10 year warranty. You can also upgrade to a 28oz version of the same fabric with a 15 year warranty.

Stainless Steel Aircraft Grade Tension Cable – with Yacht Grade Fittings

If this thing breaks, you have a big problem – that’s why ours is made in the same plant that makes the cables for Boeing. If you feel safe flying in an aircraft, then you’ll feel safe in an Eagle yurt!

Our Eagle tension cable is 1/4″ aircraft stainless steel and is the only yurt offered with yachting grade fittings.

Each cable is proof load-tested to spec and pre-stretched – with a spec tag to prove it, so you can be sure it’s up to snuff.

The Beefiest Lattice Wall System Made

Your yurt is only as strong as the weakest link – and that is the lattice wall that supports the entire structure. That’s why we build the thickest, beefiest, baddest lattice in the industry.

Crafted with clear, mixed grain, kiln-dried, hand sanded lengths of the finest 3/4″ by 1-1/2″ Northwest Douglas Fir that are treated with Verde Oil.

Verde is the first of its kind. It is a 100% sustainable, petroleum free oil finish with no heavy metal compounds, no odor, and no offensive fumes. Verde is a ZERO-VOC finish made with new age vegetable ester solvents, tough plant based resins, and high quality Brazilian rosewood oil – and it offer 99% UV protection for wood in interior and exterior applications.

Our SWAPwall Modular Wall System Lets You Change Your Mind

The Eagle is the only yurt made with a modular wall system that allows you to re-configure the sections of the wall any time you feel like it.

This means you can change window positions as the seasons change to increase or decrease solar gain, and if a panel is damaged, you’ll only need to replace a small section instead of the entire exterior wall. Changing the wall panels is easy, and takes on average 30 minutes to an hour.

Each wall panel measures approximately 92″ and locks together using a unique system of heavy duty marine zippers and marine grade Velcro.

Engineered for High Wind and Snow Loads

Rainier Yurts are built tough – no extra charge.

All Rainier Yurts are designed for a minimum wind load of 95 miles per hour and can achieve snow loads up to 280 pounds per square foot.

If you need help determining your needs or require a snow load greater than what you see available, contact us. We’ve built yurts as large as 33’ to meet a 169 pound per square foot snow load requirement in Alaska.

Eagle Exterior Two-Tone Vinyl Wall Fabric

The Eagle exterior wall fabric has exceptional resistance to mildew and UV rays, making it the perfect choice for installations in sunny, high humidity areas.

Made with wick and craze resistant polyester weft-inserted warp knit scrim, it has a matte, linen-like finish that combines long-lasting good looks with exceptional dimensional stability and superior strength.

In our book, it is the best fabric we seen on the outside of a yurt. We guarantee it will perform flawlessly for 5 years – or we’ll replace it!

Eagle Army Duck Canvas Interior Wall Liner

Almost everyone has heard of Army Duck Canvas and knows it mean high quality – but we take that a step further and add a Sunforger treatment to the canvas.

Sunforger makes the canvas water repellant and mold, mildew, fungi, and algae resistant – plus it’s “boat shrunk” – so that it will never shrink more than 3% over the life of the canvas.

No cotton canvas is completely 100% shrink proof, but Sunforger canvas is as close as you can get. Our Sunforger Army Duck meets the Industrial Fabric Assoc. Tent Spec. CPAI-84 adopted by many states and the Federal Government as the fire rating standard and offers a margin of safety previously unavailable in a canvas.


Our dome is made from 1/4″ thick clear Plexi-Glass.

Domes that open to allow ventilation, or a tinted version are also available.

Pursing Cable – A Rainier Innovation

The Eagle yurt pursing cable gives you the best seal available. It is an exclusive design that cinches the wall bottom under the platform to seal out weather and insects.


Clear, hand-selected, MSR 2400 kiln-dried Douglas Fir. Rafters are sanded and finished to take the greatest advantage of the warm, natural beauty of the wood.

Our rafters are treated with Verde Oil, a 100% sustainable, petroleum free oil finish with no heavy metal compounds, no odor, and no offensive fumes. Verde is a ZERO-VOC finish made with new age vegetable ester solvents, tough plant based resins, and high quality Brazilian rosewood oil – and it offer 99% UV protection for wood in interior and exterior applications.

Wall and Roof Attachment System

Drawing from work in the marine industry, we engineered a unique system to securely attach the wall to the roof.

Using a stainless steel cable that is sealed into a flap section of the roof as an attachment point, the wall is hung with nylon “jib hanks.”

This makes for a quick & easy attachment as the hanks are designed to twist & snap onto the cable.
The edge of the roof has a kevlar cable sewn into it using weatherproof Tenara thread – (which is a fancy name for Gortex) – and this cable uses a ratchet device to tension the roof securely around the yurt.

Feel free to call us with any questions you may have – we are no-pressure salespeople and love a good customization challenge!


We have a number of standard door options to choose from, but if you want something extra special, we can put any door Buffelen makes in your Eagle yurt.

Check out their web site at

Real Wood Clad Windows

We can make your InvisiLook windows in any quantity and almost any size that you like, but the real upgrade is our real wood clad windows.

We make a beautiful Douglas Fir encasement to hold the window, and provide additional interior shelving. Several different window sizes and options are available, including slider windows.

Rainier Reflective Insulation

Rainier uses the top grade of low-e reflective insulation.

It is manufactured using a polyethlyene foam core with scrim reinforced double sided aluminum facings to reflect heat in both directions – that keeps you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

According to the specs, it reflects up to 97% of radiant energy and can have an R value of up to 11.

That R number can be misleading, though. The insulation we use is 1/4″ thick, so it will not work as well as insulation that is 6″ thick, no matter how high-tech the reflective part is.

Edges are finished.


A beautiful entrance deserves an elegant and functional awning. Consider a custom-crafted awning for your Eagle yurt. A beautifully crafted wood and acrylic awning provides an elegant entrance to your home and shelters your guests as they enter your yurt.

The available clear, acrylic awning allows light to come in through the doorway, regardless of the weather — or choose a fabric awning to match your roof.

The awning projects 36″ outward from the door and offers 12″ coverage on each side of the door. Protect your beautiful wood frame and doors from inclement weather with a built-in gutter that captures and directs runoff.

The arm for the awning is hand crafted with the same wood we use for other wooden yurt components and attaches directly to the Eagle door frame; there is no penetration of or adhesives applied to the roof vinyl.

Three sizes are available, depending on the size of your door.

Here is a video of flip book of photos to give you an idea of what other customers have done with the inside of their yurts!


  1. Sally penrose says

    We live in Florida and are looking for a yurt. What is the best model of yurt and will it hold up to intense heat and sun and possibly winds from hurricane. What are your prices ? Do we install and if we move can we take it with us.

  2. Zo Lujan says

    Hello I have a client with the Eagle Yurt 850 sq ft, I was wanting to know the suggested tonnage to condition the Yurt. Thank you hope to hear from you soon.

  3. chris says

    hello i live in the caribbean and was looking at cheeper ways to build a house. What is the best/biggest model of yurt you sell and will it hold up to intense heat, sun and hurricane winds. Also would you be able to send me a price listing Thanks.

    • jennie says

      Chris –

      Thanks for getting in touch! Our Eagle model yurt is available in a 33′ diameter, which is 855 “square” feet 🙂 Dana will send you a price list and more information about configuring a yurt for your particular location. Check your email inbox for that!

      • linda and diane valliere says

        Please send us more information on your yurts. This prospect is very exciting to us. Thank you.

        • danah says

          Dear Linda and Diane,
          I have emailed you our entire product line. Please let me know if you have any questions.
          Sincerely, Dana ~ The Yurt Girl ~

  4. Pt says

    I’m looking to buy some land in whitefish Montana and it’s my passion to free myself of the normalcy of normal dwelling and live in a yurt. I’m interested and very capable of constructing and building the interior of the yurt …. But would like to get that eagle yurt. Can you guys help with pricing ?

    • jennie says

      Pt –

      Thanks for your comment – your yurt dream sounds wonderful! Dana is sending you some more information and a price list, so check your email for that.

  5. Claudia Gomez says

    Hello! I saw the site when I was looking around for a Yurt to live in really. We have had some trouble with getting a place lately and with winter just around the corner here in Wisconsin, living out in a flimsy tent is not very warm and is now starting to fall apart. We thought a Yurt or Tipi would be a great option to live in, for the mean time of course. Something that can hold up to the cold winters of Wisconsin. What would you suggest for a Yurt?

  6. Wes Nielsen says

    I am comparing the Nomad Shelter Yurt options w/ Rainer’s options. I do recognize the snow load is greater w/ Rainer, but what other differences are there?

    I see that Nomad shelters latice structure is 1 x 2 compared to yours at 3/4×1.5. Their center ring is also 1.5 in thicker. They also use a conventional and typical insulation along with 2″ of polyester batting on the top cover and 1″ on the wall. Does Rainier use such insulation. What is the comparison here.

    I am looking to place this in New Harmony Ut, annual snow fall of 50 in yearly. We definitely have four seasons and it does get both cold in the winter and hot in the summer. I am looking into around a 24′ version. I will not have the same needs as someone living in Alaska but would like safety/security without overdoing things. what is your recommendation regarding Eagle options, snow kits, wind, etc.

  7. Teresa says

    Do you have any information that you can mail me so I can show detailed informaition on the Eagle Yurt. My husband has been looking into our retirement destination and I am wanting a new semi off grid way of living and the yurt is the perfect way. So with your help Dana I may just get my way. Thank you

    • jennie says

      Teresa –

      Thanks for getting in touch! Yurts are such a great option for off-grid living. I’ve forwarded your comment to Dana, look for a reply in your inbox!

  8. Max Owen says

    I am looking for a yurt that is capable of ground snow loads of 90 psf. Can you help me identify models that would meet this requirement. I’m generally interested in anything from 14-25 feet in diameter. As for the climate, this is for the Cle Elum area in Washington. Also, are the necessary engineering drawings included for permitting (Kittitas County)? Thank you

    • jennie says


      Thanks for your comment! We have a number of upgrade options that can help our yurts withstand heavy snow loads. I’ve sent your contact info to Dana, she’ll be able to make some recommendations based on your particular situation.

  9. Rachelle says

    I am very interested in the Eagle yurt. I would love more information on pricing, and how it holds up to wind, heat and cold. Also all the information on building an adequate subsurface and foundation. Thanks!!!

  10. Michelle Menhart says

    Hi, I’ve been perusing your selection of yurts and I wanted to know if the wall size for the eagle yurt (7’4″) was the final height for it. Does the ceiling area count toward the height? If I wanted to put a loft in, for a bedroom area, would that be possible? Also would it be possible to install running water as well as solar panels? For the construction of the yurt are there step-by-step instructions on how to put it together included in the purchase? Whereabouts do you ship to? Can I get a price quote from the shipping company you use? I live in Toronto, Canada. Thanks for responding Jennie and for passing this onto Dana.

    • jennie says

      Hi Michelle,

      I’ve forwarded your information along to Dana, she’ll be happy to answer your questions and look into getting a shipping quote for you. The 7′-4″ height is the height of the walls at the perimeter – the dome at the center of the yurt is a bit higher, so in one of the larger model yurts (the 27, 30, or 33 foot diameter) there is plenty of space to accommodate a loft. You might want to check out the floor plans Dana has drawn for more inspiration:

      I hope that helps!

  11. Praveen says

    Hi, I am looking to buy a yurt from you guys. I dont understantd, how the wall and the roof will be integrated. Will it be air tight? Can you please send me some pictures or videos?

    • jennie says

      Hi Praveen,

      Thanks for getting in touch! I’ve forwarded your question to Dana, as she can answer more thoroughly than I can and will have pictures to send to you, but the short answer is that the wall and roof sit on top of one another and rely on the tension cable to create a tight seal.

  12. nikki says

    We have a family of four and are interested in an Eagle yurt. The deal breaker for us is bedrooms. We need three of them. Is that possible with an Eagle yurt? Thanks!

    • jennie says


      Absolutely one of the larger sizes of our Eagle model (the 30′ or 33′ diameter), which have enough headspace to accommodate a loft, would be a great option for your family! You could also consider connecting two more modestly sized yurts. Dana will be in touch to discuss the options. You might also want to check out her hand drawn floor plans for inspiration:

  13. Tyson says

    MAN you guys must get frustrated with these posts! They are all quite literally the exact same questions, which could all be simply answered if they ACTUALLY LOOKED AT THE INFO ON THE SITE! “Hey guys, I really don’t feel like reading your site OR the previous 30 questions… Therefore, could you do the work for me and type out all of the info listed on the rest of your site just for me?” You guys go above and beyond!!! Anyone should feel comfortable buying a yurt from you. They look amazing, are fairly priced, have tons of upgrade options AND you are willing to make a big enough personal connection to put up with total ignorance from complete strangers! I have the utmost respect for you guys. READ THE SITE AND BUY A YURT PEOPLE!!! Just make sure you ask intelligent questions!!!

    • danah says

      Thanks Tyson for your sympathy! Actually, that’s why we are here; to help the general public understand what features and benefits they might need in their desired location. It’s all good!
      The Yurt Girl

    • danah says

      Hello Grace,
      Thank you for your question. Actually either our Rainier Eagle or Raven Yurts would work. The difference is not the size, its the materials used and the manufacturing method. St. Louis has a Ground Snow Load of approximately 28 PSF (pounds per square foot) so pretty much any of our yurts size 16′ to 33′ diameter would work with the exception of the 24′. The 24′ is the last size in progression that we use a 2′ x 4′ rafter – after that…the 27′ on up in size uses a 2′ x 6′ rafter. Also, for the warm temps you would want to go with the lightest colors available to avoid heat gain. Dark colors absorb the heat and warm up much faster whereas the light colors reflect the heat. Consider a tinted dome and lots of opening windows too. I hope this was helpful.
      ~The Yurt Girl

  14. Thomas says

    These Yurts look fabulous!
    We live on the east coast of Kauai, HI: Sunny, humid, tropical rains and sometimes hurricanes but never cold. Could you send us specific ideas and suggestion with pricing? Can you recommend of grid systems to go with your yurts? Also delivery info.

    • jennie says


      Sounds like a beautiful place to live 🙂 Dana will be in touch with some recommendations for your particular situation, and to discuss the options for pricing and shipping.

  15. Dennis Hargiss says

    Hello. We’re in Arkansas (72852 zip) and thinking about doing the yurt thing. Please send pricing for your different models. Thanks

    • jennie says

      Dennis –

      Thanks for your comment! We’d be happy to send you some information; check your inbox for that.

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