The Sparrow

A yurt sized to fit your backyard at a price that fits your budget

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All our yurts are named for birds, and we call this one “The Sparrow” because it’s small, but strong. Available in 12′ and 14′ diameters.

Built with the same quality as our full sized models, this yurt is designed to be perfect for temporary locations, like campsites.

We recommend installing the Sparrow on a platform for longer-term use. Free plans, including a bill of materials, are available for the platform design.

Both sizes feature a quality frame, a door with a full-light window, and a one piece cover that includes three windows with weather flaps.


  • Hand crafted Douglas Fir frame and door with window
  • Precision cut multi-layered ring
  • 1” x 2” perimeter wall posts for rafter support
  • 19 oz. roof vinyl (the same roof fabric offered on our premium Eagle model)
  • Poly/Cotton side fabric
  • Roof insulation with liner
  • Wall insulation with liner
  • Stainless steel and aluminum hardware
  • Optional tub-style vinyl floor
  • A durable acrylic roof dome


  • Easy one person assembly
  • Compact and transportable
  • Semi-permanent or temporary installation with or without deck
  • Normally in stock and available for immediate shipment

Click to download Sparrow pricing.


  1. Henry Pritchett says

    For Normandy Park…A pastor’s backyard study…What would be the approximate total cost not including electrical and furnishings? Stove and foundation costs?

  2. Jeannie says

    These look awesome! Curious about temperature- it gets pretty hot and muggy in the summer here. I assume you couldn’t use a window AC, but how is the overall ventilation?

    • jennie says


      Great question! This is why we recommend the opening and adjustable yurt dome to everyone 🙂 The Sparrow model has slightly more limited options for doors and windows than our larger yurt models, but those combined with insulation, make a huge difference to the temperature in all seasons. Dana will be in touch to discuss with you!

  3. RJ says

    Hi, I’m serious considering about possible getting one of those cheap affordable Yurt where I can live off the grid all year around with all 4 seasons. Any suggestions/advice will be great! I don’t need anything fancy just simply like a home with woodstove and electrical maybe connected to Solar something like that. Possible a small AC that will works? Please let me know.


  4. says

    I am thinking of buying some land south of Austin Texas. I live half the year in Austin and half in Woodstock NY I built a tiny house artist studio and I ran out of funds and the zoning has change anyway I have to sell it. But I did think about buying a yurt next. So can you put real window in yours and have fabric over the zig zag on the inside so to hide the cross bars and since it is Texas AC hum thanks

    More about me go to

    • jennie says

      Patrice –

      Sounds like a yurt could be a great solution for you! Dana will be in touch with more information and to discuss your yurt needs. Thanks for getting in touch!

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