Yurt Raising Video


This video shows how quick and easy it is to set up yurt - hope your yurt goes up as nicely as this one did. Send us a link to your installation videos! As always, feel free to call me with questions. Namaste, … [Read more...]

Celebrating 120 Years of Greatness


What does it take to stay in business for over a century? While successful companies lasted an average of 67 years in the 1920’s, today that average is only 15 years. Companies that know what it takes to endure and to execute a company-wide vision are destined to carry on for generations - as has … [Read more...]

Crates and Shipping


As your Rainier Yurt order nears completion on the production floor, our in-house crate department makes the custom crates that your investment will be packed in. We crate every order, whether it is going to Gloucestershire, England or just down the road. The crates act like grocery carts while … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Why Pellet Stoves Are Great

Image by s0gallchoir via Flickr

Statistics have shown that heating costs are around a third of the costs of most homes' utility bills. Therefore people are seeking cost saving and efficient ways to stay warm. One of these alternatives is the pellet stove. They look like a conventional wood stove but operate just like the modern … [Read more...]

Less Hassle, More Life

the view

Are you considering a lifestyle change? What is holding you back? Fear of the unknown is my guess. Whether you are gauging a Rainier Yurt as your next primary home or as a secluded second home, the option of an efficient and sustainable structure is extremely tempting to many. There are a … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Adventures (Part 2)


Here is part two in a two-part guest post from Fisher. (In case you missed it, click here to read part 1!) Determined to build her dream yurt on a remote island in the San Juan Islands nestled just below Canada on the Pacific Coast in Washington State, Fisher is now sharing her yurt complete with … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Adventures (Part 1)


"Everyone who visits me comments on how peaceful and cozy my home is and how wonderful the energy is," says Fisher, a pioneer woman with a can-do attitude. Here is her story in her words ... *** I bought a yurt from Rainier. It is very high quality and comes as a kit ready to assemble. Before that … [Read more...]

Domes Done Right


The dome, or skylight, at the crown of a yurt is a formed acrylic “bubble” centered over the compression ring. Standard material is ¼” clear UV-Stabilized cell cast acrylic. The dome can be fixed (non-opening), or have opening hardware fitted to it at our factory which comes with a hand … [Read more...]

101 Uses for Yurts

artist's studio_shortwall

It is always a treat to talk to a person - whether in–person or on the phone - who just learned about yurts. Their eyes twinkle with excitement and they ask, “what are yurts used for?” Yurts are used for a variety of business, personal, therapeutic, and creative uses. Here are a few that we … [Read more...]

R Is For Raven


You would not believe how many phone calls we get per day where the caller starts with, “well, this might be a stupid question, but…” Hey, we get it! This is not something they taught you in school; there are no stupid questions. Knowing that some of the terms used in the yurt world are unique to … [Read more...]