Yurt Raising Video


This video shows how quick and easy it is to set up yurt - hope your yurt goes up as nicely as this one did. Send us a link to your installation videos! As always, feel free to call me with questions. Namaste, … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Adventures (Part 1)


"Everyone who visits me comments on how peaceful and cozy my home is and how wonderful the energy is," says Fisher, a pioneer woman with a can-do attitude. Here is her story in her words ... *** I bought a yurt from Rainier. It is very high quality and comes as a kit ready to assemble. Before that … [Read more...]

Domes Done Right


The dome, or skylight, at the crown of a yurt is a formed acrylic “bubble” centered over the compression ring. Standard material is ¼” clear UV-Stabilized cell cast acrylic. The dome can be fixed (non-opening), or have opening hardware fitted to it at our factory which comes with a hand … [Read more...]

101 Uses for Yurts

artist's studio_shortwall

It is always a treat to talk to a person - whether in–person or on the phone - who just learned about yurts. Their eyes twinkle with excitement and they ask, “what are yurts used for?” Yurts are used for a variety of business, personal, therapeutic, and creative uses. Here are a few that we … [Read more...]

R Is For Raven


You would not believe how many phone calls we get per day where the caller starts with, “well, this might be a stupid question, but…” Hey, we get it! This is not something they taught you in school; there are no stupid questions. Knowing that some of the terms used in the yurt world are unique to … [Read more...]

What is SIPS Platform and Why Do I Want One?


If you've played around on our online pricing tool, you've probably noticed that after you choose the size of your yurt, you are given a choice under the category "Deck/Platform." The choice is between: No Deck/ I’ll build my own - or - Structural Insulated Panel Deck If you are confused … [Read more...]

Repost: Rate Your Yurt’s Fire Safety

This post was originally published in July 2014, during one of the driest, and worst wildfire seasons Washington state had seen. Summer 2015 is shaping up to be just as dry and risky for fires, if not worse! A little planning and preparation go a long way to ease your mind and keep you safe in … [Read more...]

E Is For Eagle


Rainier has been in business for almost 120 years, but we've only been blogging about our yurts for the last three! In those three years, we've compiled a huge amount of information about yurts on this blog. Still, we get questions daily that would make for great blog posts but we haven't written … [Read more...]

Rave Reviews


We love to hear from our customers! I collect the nice things Rainier customers have said about our products, and you may have read some of them on the "Testimonials" page. Rainier is committed to providing excellent customer service, and it all pays off when I get rave reviews like the one … [Read more...]

D.I.Y. Corner


Yurts are the ultimate Do-It-Yourself kit! You'll receive your yurt in a crate, with labeled hardware boxes that are numbered corresponding to our 70 page yurt manual. If you follow each step in the sequence before moving on to the next one, you'll have a successful build and be ready to enjoy … [Read more...]