Practical Yurts


written by Steven W. Hatch, this is a great resource for every aspect of the buying and building process and addresses many or the challenges along the way. If you are looking for low-cost, alternative housing options, living closer to nature, off the grid, wanting to go green or just simplifying … [Read more...]

Yurts and Wineries

Interior Cottage_Glamping

American wineries, especially from the West Coast Region (Washington, Oregon, and California), are definitely drawing a parallel as the world’s top wine destinations. From Napa Valley to Walla Walla, the  American wine culture is at an all time high. So is wine tasting! One way for a winery owner to … [Read more...]

It’s Pi Day!


It's here again! Pie Day. Or ... pi day! Pi - that mathematical ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. Today millions of people worldwide, from elementary school children to retired scholars, will celebrate both a mathematical constant and a sweet filling in a wheaten crust. In other … [Read more...]

Rainier Yurt Tour


Come on down for a yurt tour! Just south of Downtown Seattle, about a 25 minute drive from Pike Place Market, you will find the impressive manufacturing plant that is home to Rainier Industries - parent company of Rainier Yurts. Throughout the year, we have folks drive or fly in from all over the … [Read more...]

How Safe Are Yurts?


Whether you're staying in a yurt short-term, like a weekend getaway, or planning to live in one full time, you want to know that you are safe and secure. There are several yurt components to consider when we talk about being safe in a yurt. Structural safety: Every Rainier Yurt is engineered and … [Read more...]

Repost: Why Our Eagle Yurt Soars Higher


This post was originally posted in 2011, but the information is still relevant and I thought it could be helpful to those of you out there shopping yurt prices. As always, please contact me if I can answer any questions about The Rainier Eagle Yurt or any of our yurt … [Read more...]

CASTING CALL: "Tiny House Masters" on TV


A Major Network TV Show Seeks People Who Are in the Beginning Stages of Planning and Building a Tiny House or Yurt A major network and award-winning production company are seeking individuals and families nationwide that are planning on building and moving into a tiny house between March - … [Read more...]

Yurts In The New Year


The Rainier staff has been quite busy over the Holidays and since I have been back from vacation.  Phone lines have been ringing off the hook and our website traffic is busier than ever. It seems that yurt interest is on the rise as more and more people learn about them and experience … [Read more...]