Guest Post: Experiencing an Eclipse in a Yurt


I'm a big believer that when Mercury is in retrograde (like it is now!) weird and unusual things are bound to happen. Mercury is in retrograde three or four times a year, and some astrologers will warn you not to travel, sign important contacts, buy electronics, or marry during Mercury's retrograde … [Read more...]

Repairs and Replacement Parts

Bryant Correa 2

Fall is here! Now is the time when everyone starts winter preparations, and for some, that means yurt repairs. It’s that time of year when our phones go off the hook with calls about Rainier Yurts or even older Nesting Bird yurts in need of new windows, domes, roof panels and side walls. We can … [Read more...]

Help The Yurt Project Raise The Roof!


Many future yurt dwellers ask me "what's it like to live in a yurt?" We often share stories from our customers here on our yurt blog (you can read all of them here) and there are several books written by yurt owners/experts/storytellers. That list of books about the yurt experience is short, but … [Read more...]

How Long Does It Take?


Once you’ve decided the yurt size and model and options you want, the next detail is determining your schedule. Let’s look at what it takes to orchestrate getting your yurt order in and timing the shipping ... Typically the production process for a standard yurt is 3 – 4 weeks. This does not … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Phase One


Today's post comes from Savannah, a new Rainier Yurt owner, who has started a blog to document her yurt raising. She originally published this post on her blog, riding yurty, and gave us permission to share it here. Savannah is building her yurt in beautiful rural Texas - I'm so excited to follow … [Read more...]

Our Yurt Price Calculator

Rainier Eagle Price Calculator

Did you know that we have a pricing tool on our website? How handy is that?! With a couple of clicks you can configure your own yurt; dialed-in with exactly what you want and need so you can see exactly how much it will cost. Just like selecting options for a new car, our price calculator … [Read more...]

Rate Your Yurt’s Fire Safety

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Lightning strikes have caused several wildfires here in Washington state. My hat is off to the multitude of volunteer firefighters and my heart goes out to all of the victims affected by the hundreds of square miles (over 215,000 acres) of charred terrain in Washington State. More than 1,600 … [Read more...]

Best Workplace For Recycling (Again!)


We are honored to be recognized as one of the best workplaces in King County for recycling and waste prevention - for the third year in a row! Each spring, King County creates a list of the Best Workplace for Waste Prevention and Recycling outside of the City of Seattle. Businesses are recognized … [Read more...]

Big Yurt, Small Footprint

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Many of our yurt clients choose yurts for full-time living because they want to live in a way that’s sustainable and at peace with the earth. There’s no question that modern day living is a drain on our natural resources, and yurts are an affordable, earth-friendly alternative. All over the … [Read more...]

Stay In A Yurt This Summer


Red Tricycle recently posted their list of the best, kid-friendly yurt camping sights around Western Washington. Staying in a yurt (a "yurt-cation") is a great way to try yurt life for a few days, and Red Tricycle says (and we agree!) that it's much more luxurious and comfortable than tent … [Read more...]