The More You Know!


I've had several requests recently for general yurt information, and I thought there are probably more of you out there who are just starting to learn about yurts and their many uses.  Think of this as a helpful PSA all about yurts! *** Adapted from Mongolian yak herders, modern yurts … [Read more...]


Sunset, Esterillos, Costa Rica

With the holiday season suddenly here, we are left to reflect on the events of the last year and consider what lays ahead for the next year. For some, the holidays are full of merriment, love, and joy for family, friends, and even compassion for complete strangers. For others, painful memories from … [Read more...]

Guest Post: It Takes A Village To Build A Yurt


Today's post comes from my new friend and new yurt dweller, Steven, who built the first yurt in his county with a building permit! Steven found out that he couldn't get his yurt off the ground alone - he had a great support team. Here's his story. *** I am sitting in my Rainier Yurt, a fire … [Read more...]

Sale on Yurt Dome Screens


If you've been thinking about adding a bug screen to your yurt dome, now is the time to do it!  We have a limited number of bug screens in stock, and they're currently on sale for a great price. Our bug screens come in three different sizes, and with or without zippers (you'll want the zippered … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Radiant Heat for Yurts


I'm so happy to share with you today another post from Ron Friedman of Sol Solutions. If you haven't already, check out his previous post on solar generators for yurt dwellers! He's created another super helpful, informative post, this time on radiant heat for your Rainier Yurt. Here's … [Read more...]

Yurt Sizes in Metrics


We've had several questions just this week from want-to-be yurt dwellers outside of the U.S. asking for our yurt sizes in metrics. Here are the conversions. Diameter(U.S. feet) Diameter(metric) Square Footage(US) Meters Squared 164.8260 m19718.302 m2 185.4864 m26424.526 m2 216.4008 … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Solar Generators for Yurts


I'm very excited for today's guest post, written by my friend Ron Friedman.  Ron represents Sol Solutions, a company that makes portable solar power generators.  Just to warn you, this is a long post, so grab a snack and get comfy!  This is the best post I've read about putting a solar generator in … [Read more...]