Guest Post: Phase Two


A few months ago, we shared a guest post from Savannah, a new yurt owner in rural Texas. Savannah is documenting her family's yurt experience on her blog, riding yurty. I'm happy to share the next chapter from their yurt raising: "Phase Two!" ~Dana *** This past weekend Chris had … [Read more...]

Glamorous Camping


The idea isn’t new, but the word is. “GLAMPING” – a cross between glamorous and camping. Four years ago, I heard it for the first time and understood instantly that Rainier Yurts are a perfect fit for anyone who wants to "glamp!" Glamping has become a huge industry around the world. It’s a … [Read more...]

Energy Code

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Word on the street is that the energy code is causing problems for yurt dwellers. Some states in the US use the Uniform Building Code (UBC) but many states, provinces, and some countries use the ICC (International Code Council) rule books. The two ICC rulebooks are the IRC (International … [Read more...]

Guest Post: An Illustrated History of Yurts


I am delighted to share a very special guest post today: Candace Rardon is a brilliantly talented artist and yurt enthusiast. She posted this illustrated history of yurts on her blog, has given us permission to share it here. Candace's beautiful sketches make her informative post charming and fun … [Read more...]

Living In A Yurt Full Time

loft ladder-Final

A house isn't a yurt, but a yurt can be a great house and a wonderful home! I talk every day with people at every stage of the "yurt life." Many hope to live in yurts, but are uncertain that it's right for them. But I also get calls from people who live in yurts full time - many of them had that … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Experiencing an Eclipse in a Yurt


I'm a big believer that when Mercury is in retrograde (like it is now!) weird and unusual things are bound to happen. Mercury is in retrograde three or four times a year, and some astrologers will warn you not to travel, sign important contacts, buy electronics, or marry during Mercury's retrograde … [Read more...]

Repairs and Replacement Parts

Bryant Correa 2

Fall is here! Now is the time when everyone starts winter preparations, and for some, that means yurt repairs. It’s that time of year when our phones go off the hook with calls about Rainier Yurts or even older Nesting Bird yurts in need of new windows, domes, roof panels and side walls. We can … [Read more...]

Help The Yurt Project Raise The Roof!


Many future yurt dwellers ask me "what's it like to live in a yurt?" We often share stories from our customers here on our yurt blog (you can read all of them here) and there are several books written by yurt owners/experts/storytellers. That list of books about the yurt experience is short, but … [Read more...]

How Long Does It Take?


Once you’ve decided the yurt size and model and options you want, the next detail is determining your schedule. Let’s look at what it takes to orchestrate getting your yurt order in and timing the shipping ... Typically the production process for a standard yurt is 3 – 4 weeks. This does not … [Read more...]