Can I get Financing for my Yurt?


Many people have questions about yurt financing, so I did a little research and here is the answer: Yes, but ONLY if you are a business! Business-to-Business financing is available in all 50 states if you are using your yurt as a commercial business location. For example if your business is … [Read more...]

Bathroom Reading Material

Biolet 10 Standard Waterless Toilet

We've been getting lots of questions lately about alternative toilet technology, so we decided to do a little research and found these three articles to help answer some basic questions. The opinions are those of the authors and we make no endorsement of any of the information. Warning: If you … [Read more...]

Are Yurts Chemically Friendly?


  I love getting questions! Please feel free to e-mail any YURT questions that you have to Donna from Texas asked recently if yurts are chemically friendly: Dear Donna, I appreciate your question and your concern for a chemically friendly environment. In order to … [Read more...]

2012 Pi Day a Success!


In case you missed it, yesterday was annual Pi Day! Why? Because the date (3-14) makes up the first three digits of Pi (can't wait for 3/14/15!). At Rainier Yurts we obviously take every opportunity to celebrate roundness (because Yurts are round, that's kinda their thing). So how did we … [Read more...]

Eagle Yurt Raising


Here's a great video of an Eagle Yurt raising. This gives you an idea of what is involved in putting a yurt up on your property. Be sure to check out the dogs and llamas! … [Read more...]

Rainier Yurts at Cave B Inn & Spa


When the Cave B Inn & Spa decided to create their Chiwana Yurt Village, they called us to discuss the project. As they shared their vision for the property, it became evident that our Eagle Yurt was the perfect compliment to the unique characteristics of their beautiful setting. Designed … [Read more...]

Camp Wawona Sets Up An Eagle Yurt


This is a great video of Camp Wawona setting up one of their eight 24 foot Eagle yurts in Yosemite National Park. This video was made with a manual camera, no auto-take settings, only a dedicated photographer taking a picture every couple seconds. It only took them four hours to setup! … [Read more...]