HGTV Yurt Designers – winners and losers


Well I was certainly glued to the television last night watching HGTV's Design Stars 8th Episode from their seventh season. The designers were challenged to transform YURTS into fantasy bedroom suites! If you missed it here are some links to get you caught up: Episode summary. Pictures of … [Read more...]

HGTV’s Design Stars

Double beds

Yes, it's true! HGTV's 'Design Stars" is broadcasting an episode dedicated to making a yurt a bedroom sanctuary. Design Stars is HGTV's reality design show, similar to Project Runway or American Idol. This is their 8th episode of the season and there are only 3 designers left. Yurts are going to … [Read more...]

Why Our Eagle Yurt Soars Higher


I know many of you are out there "shopping" yurt prices. How do I know? Well ... because I get asked daily why our prices are slightly higher than the other two big yurt companies. So let’s talk about that - while our prices are very competitive, the Eagle is in a class of its own and … [Read more...]

It Takes a Village!


A Tribute to Mother's Day Sunday is Mother’s Day. There are those of you out there that think of this as a ridiculous holiday that Hallmark created to sell more cards.  To those folks I say, fine ... make a card instead. My mother kept a card for YEARS that I made as a toddler. My older … [Read more...]

Someone’s in the Kitchen with Dana!


Nobody likes to cook (and eat!) more than I do!  Aren’t we all passionate about our kitchens? It is the most important part of a home. It certainly is the heartbeat of a yurt! I get asked daily, “How do I put in a kitchen or a bath in my yurt?”  It is really a matter of preference, just like … [Read more...]

Codes and Regulations


As a general rule, the more organized the municipality the more hoops you will have to jump through to permit your Yurt. Big towns = big mentality = bigger problems.  Likewise, smaller towns seem to embrace the thought of yurts dotting their countryside. Just today I spoke with Mike, the Building … [Read more...]

The Dirt On Our Yurt Girl…


Meet Dana! I started at Rainier in 1996 and I can’t imagine working anywhere else! I truly love coming to work each day. My favorite local hangout spots are the Pike Place Market, the local dog park, and hiking the trails of the Cascade Mountains.  When I am not at work or home you can find me … [Read more...]

Can I get Financing for my Yurt?


Many people have questions about yurt financing, so I did a little research and here is the answer: Yes, but ONLY if you are a business! Business-to-Business financing is available in all 50 states if you are using your yurt as a commercial business location. For example if your business is … [Read more...]

Bathroom Reading Material

Biolet 10 Standard Waterless Toilet

We've been getting lots of questions lately about alternative toilet technology, so we decided to do a little research and found these three articles to help answer some basic questions. The opinions are those of the authors and we make no endorsement of any of the information. Warning: If you … [Read more...]