Yurt Photo Gallery

The Eagle

  • eagle-three-colors
  • Yurt on Stilts
  • Yurt_with_breezeway
  • YURTS Main Slider.006
  • Yurts_in_Swiss_Alps
  • YURTS Main Slider.002
  • YURTS Main Slider.005
  • Yurt_Panorama
  • Hope Valley (2)
  • Rainier_Eagle_Yurt
  • Hope Valley
  • YURTS Main Slider.004
  • Rainier_Yurts
  • Hope Valley (1)

The Raven

  • Raven_on_Campsite
  • Ravens_Campsite
  • xcntry ski
  • snowy yurts
  • aldo2
  • 20150128-DSC_0127_MQ
  • IMG_7325

The Sparrow

  • Sparrow_Printed_Top1
  • Sparrow_Printed_Top2
  • Sparrow_Yurt_Interior1
  • Sparrow_Yurt_Raising2
  • Sparrow_Yurt_Raising1
  • Rainier_Sparrow_Yurt
  • Sparrow_Yurt_at_night
  • Sparrow_Yurt
  • Rainier_Sparrow

Yurt Interiors

  • yurt-with-tub
  • yurt-with-loft
  • yurt-kitchen
  • beautiful-bathroom12
  • Living-room9
  • massage-yurt-interior
  • interior.sleepingyurt061
  • rainier_eagle_yurt_interior
  • yurt-interior-cabinets1
  • yurt-interior-kitchen1


  1. Vicky Spain says

    I want a price on a small yurt for one person. I love these and could I live in one in tn. Year round it gets cold here.

    • jennie says


      Thanks for your comment! Dana, the yurt girl, will be in touch to discuss heating and heat retention options for our yurts.

    • jennie says


      Thanks for your comment! Dana, the yurt girl, will send you a price list and more information on our recommended installers.

  2. Jeff says

    This looks like a great option for me. Do they stand up to hurricane winds? I live in central Florida, and it’s a concern for me.
    Also, do they finance? What are the purchase options for someone? The one I’m most interests in says it should be about $40k!

    • jennie says

      Kehau –

      Yes, we are happy to help you arrange shipping to Hawaii. Check your email for a price list and more information!

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