Yurt Photo Gallery

The Eagle

  • eagle-three-colors
  • Yurt on Stilts
  • Yurt_with_breezeway
  • YURTS Main Slider.006
  • Yurts_in_Swiss_Alps
  • YURTS Main Slider.002
  • YURTS Main Slider.005
  • Yurt_Panorama
  • Hope Valley (2)
  • Rainier_Eagle_Yurt
  • Hope Valley
  • YURTS Main Slider.004
  • Rainier_Yurts
  • Hope Valley (1)

The Raven

  • Raven_on_Campsite
  • Ravens_Campsite
  • xcntry ski
  • snowy yurts
  • aldo2
  • 20150128-DSC_0127_MQ
  • IMG_7325

The Sparrow

  • Sparrow_Printed_Top1
  • Sparrow_Printed_Top2
  • Sparrow_Yurt_Interior1
  • Sparrow_Yurt_Raising2
  • Sparrow_Yurt_Raising1
  • Rainier_Sparrow_Yurt
  • Sparrow_Yurt_at_night
  • Sparrow_Yurt
  • Rainier_Sparrow

Yurt Interiors

  • yurt-with-tub
  • yurt-with-loft
  • yurt-kitchen
  • beautiful-bathroom12
  • Living-room9
  • massage-yurt-interior
  • interior.sleepingyurt061
  • rainier_eagle_yurt_interior
  • yurt-interior-cabinets1
  • yurt-interior-kitchen1


  1. Vicky Spain says

    I want a price on a small yurt for one person. I love these and could I live in one in tn. Year round it gets cold here.

    • jennie says


      Thanks for your comment! Dana, the yurt girl, will be in touch to discuss heating and heat retention options for our yurts.

    • jennie says


      Thanks for your comment! Dana, the yurt girl, will send you a price list and more information on our recommended installers.

        • jennie says


          We’d be happy to send our price lists! Check your email – it will come from Dana, the Yurt Girl 🙂

          • Tara white says

            Could you email me prices , sizes and nearest place to get one from Arkansas . thank you Tara

          • jennie says

            Hi Tara,

            Yes, we’ll be happy to send you more information 🙂 We build our yurts at our location just outside of Seattle, and we can definitely help you arrange shipping to Arkansas.

      • Sandra Albritton says

        I would also like a list of prices. My husband and I plan to move to Arizona and this is the way we want to go!

  2. Jeff says

    This looks like a great option for me. Do they stand up to hurricane winds? I live in central Florida, and it’s a concern for me.
    Also, do they finance? What are the purchase options for someone? The one I’m most interests in says it should be about $40k!

    • jennie says

      Kehau –

      Yes, we are happy to help you arrange shipping to Hawaii. Check your email for a price list and more information!

  3. pat says

    I’ve seen yurts as a small housing option. Love it. Love the platform deck. Could a large bonus room be built below the platform. Are yurts connected utilities and septic system?

  4. Marshall Lewis says

    HI I’m wanting to buy a small parcel of land and I’m thinking a yurt is a great alternative to building a cabin or home. What is the land required to have to make it suitable for a yurt? Power, septic, water??

  5. keven says

    Hi. Where do you build the yurts? What is the average estimation for the small and big yurts? What kinds of wood do you use for wall and furniture? Do you have the indoor picture of yurts?

    • jennie says


      Thanks for your interest in our yurts! Dana will send you an email with price lists and give you more detailed answers to your questions. Our yurts are all constructed from Douglas Fir wood – sorry, but we don’t build any furniture.

      You can find photos in our photo gallery (interiors are on the bottom of the page): http://www.rainier.com/yurts/yurt-info/photo-gallery/

      Hope this helps!

    • jennie says

      We’re happy to help arrange shipping and work with you on the quote. Dana will be in touch to tell you about the process.

  6. Vicki jones says

    I live at the beach and we have to have our homes on 16’pilings, and they have to withstand 140t mph winds here. Could you tell me the cost for a 2 :bedroom yurt 2 baths and I would like to use A wood stove for heat, thanks in advance, Vicki Also, do ya’ll have financing? That has been my problem with a home as my ex ruined my credit. I have lived in a rental around the Galveston area for almost 3 yrs at 700.00 a month,,,and not 1 day late Ever!

    • danah says

      Thanks Vicki.
      I will follow up with you via email to answer all of your important questions. I am sure we can help you get out of the current situation.
      Warm regards,

  7. Cheryl McKay says

    I love the looks of these yurt. Would you please send me a brochure of models sizes and prices. My husband and I are very interested. Thank you.

    • jennie says

      Hi Cheryl,

      Thanks for your comment, we’d be happy to send you more information! Check your email inbox for that.

    • jennie says


      Great question – we have several options that can significantly increase the snow load, so with a couple of heating elements, a yurt could be feasible even in Ontario 🙂 Dana will be in touch with more information.

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