Yurt Floor Plans

Yurt floor plans are hand drawn by yurt specialist, Dana. If you’d like a PDF of any drawing, call (425) 981-1203 or email danah@rainier.com

Click on any image to see full size.

Be sure to ask for a custom yurt plan when you order your yurt!


  1. Rodrigo Iturriaga says

    Hi there, im from Venezuela.. im doing a business plan for a Eco friendly hotel in the Andes. Is there a possibility to do a custom made Yurt for my needs??


    • jennie says

      Hi Rodrigo,

      Yes, yurts are a great option for eco-friendly hospitality! Dana will be in touch with you to talk about the different options and shipping possibilities. Thanks for getting in touch!

  2. Matt Vickery says

    The nova mundi is nearly identical to our idea. What would be the cost with one 30′ and five 16′ yurts?

  3. says

    the floor plan images on http://www.rainier.com/yurts/yurt-info/yurt-floor-plans/ are so small when I click on the “full size” that I can’t tell what goes where on my laptop screen.
    Would it be possible to get a larger version.
    Looking for single unit yurt, 1 or 2 bedroom that would fit a queen bed, with a bath and small kitchen area layout so whatever interior layouts for that to fit and we’ll work. backwards into what size we would need.

    • jennie says

      Hi Darion –
      Sorry you’re having trouble viewing the floor plans. I’ll take a look and make sure it isn’t a website issue on our end.

      Dana will be in touch – she’ll be happy to send a bigger view of any particular layouts you’re looking for.

  4. tammy tinker says

    Looking for a one bedroom one bath efficency kitchen eat in seating. Living room front door entry with nice deck. OPen plan in living and kitchen. Off bedroom small deck with French doors. 0

    • jennie says


      Sounds like a yurt could be just the ticket! Dana hand draws all of these floor plans, and she’d be happy to help you draw up a plan for your dream yurt 🙂 She’ll be in touch to discuss.

  5. says

    Where I live it gets very cold and very hot! How do these cool & heat as I have a condition where my body dody doesn’t cool or warm. I’ve had heat strokes and near hypothermia. I would love to have one of these tho. Do you finance or use a company?

  6. Natalie Aiello says

    Hi! My husband and I are interested in pricing for the Nova Mundi, the Mason, and the Madison. We have 3 kids and need a little extra space. We live in Pennsylvania!

    • jennie says


      Wonderful, I’ll have Dana get in touch with you! Our yurt kits only include the roof, walls, doors, windows; none of the interior. But as you can see, the possibilities are endless. A larger model (27 or 30 foot diameter, or our 33 foot Eagle) would allow enough space to include a loft, which it sounds like would be a great option for you.

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