Glamorous Camping

The idea isn’t new, but the word is. “GLAMPING” – a cross between glamorous and camping. Four years ago, I heard it for the first time and understood instantly that Rainier Yurts are a perfect fit for anyone who wants to “glamp!”


Glamping has become a huge industry around the world. It’s a wonderful way to make a living, bring in extra cash, and secure your retirement years with a little extra income, or just to keep busy. Here’s how it works: You buy some land, one or two yurts, and become host to the most wonderful visitors on the planet. The yurts soon become wildly popular and your glampsite is booked out months in advance. Your return on investment has paid off so you purchase two more yurts, and so on.

A gorgeous piece of property with mountains, lakes, hiking trails, skiing or wineries nearby is a valuable asset. For a small investment you can put a 468 sq ft (roughly equal to a 19.5’ x 24’ hotel room) on your property and start charging $60 on up for weekdays and $260 for weekends and holidays. Create a snappy website and Facebook page and watch the “no vacancy” sign light up! With today’s online booking tools, you can run the business from your kitchen table! Whether you plan to be a hands-on manager or hire folks to clean and maintain the yurts, you are bound to enjoy the ease of your new business.

Here is a real scenario:

Dear Yurt Girl,
My family has a beautiful piece of waterfront property on a nearby island that has great potential as a yurt resort. It is so remote and close to nature it would be a shame not to share it with out-of-area visitors! So, we are considering putting several yurts on it. We would have a main lodge or clubhouse, picnic shelter for family cookouts, with kayaks and bicycles available to our guests. Can you help us get started with the basics so we can plan our budget?”


Rainier Yurts specializes in assisting folks just like you who haven’t a clue what you are getting into … we’ll help you decide which yurt is right for the clientele you are trying to attract, staying within your budget as we explore the different sizes ranging from 16’ diameter (personal bedroom) to 33’ diameter (multi-family retreat with kitchen and bathroom).

This 33’ yurt floor plan, called “The Grand Turk,” sleeps 9 people comfortably.


The three sets of French doors let the outdoors in, and the central kitchen is convenient for multiple families.


Perhaps your Glamping unit is a shabby chic B & B or romantic looking yurt for a party of two.


Your idea of roughing it might mimic that of the state park yurt rentals found throughout the United States. Keep in mind, the broader your audience, the more guests you will attract. You will have to comply with local, state, and federal codes for permits. You may need to provide wheel chair accessible units to comply with the ADA requirements.


The state park model shown here is an example of what glampers get on waiting lists to rent on popular holiday weekends.

From a glamper’s point of view, it’s an easy alternative to owning a garage full of camping gear that you only use once or twice a year. All you need to bring is food (maybe a cooler) and clothing. Some state parks and private sites require that you bring your own bedding or sleeping bag. Leave behind the tents, cots, stoves, lanterns, firewood, water, garbage and recycling receptacles, solar shower, tarps, and hassles.

I remember spending hours packing and loading for a weekend camping trip. Then once we got home, hours of washing, cleaning, and reorganizing everything into storage. The hassle barely made up for the short stay in the woods.

Now, you just find a yurt resort near you by going to the following website: The sites are private and peaceful. When I go out to nature I just want to hear the babble of the brook or creek, the song of the birds and crickets, the leaves rustling in the trees and the snap-crackle-pop of the campfire.

Give one of our experts a call to learn how you can turn your unused land into income by adding a yurt.

Here are some other websites to explore:




Stay In A Yurt This Summer

Red Tricycle recently posted their list of the best, kid-friendly yurt camping sights around Western Washington. Staying in a yurt (a “yurt-cation”) is a great way to try yurt life for a few days, and Red Tricycle says (and we agree!) that it’s much more luxurious and comfortable than tent camping.


This list of reasons yurt camping is so great comes from the article

Here’s what we think is super cool about yurt camping.

  1. You don’t have to set up a tent. Need we say more?
  2. Most yurts come with furniture – bunk beds with mattresses and sometimes a small couch and/or a small table. You bring your own bedding and other camping accessories.
  3. They often have a door that locks, which is great for stashing your goods while you’re out exploring. And, your food tucked away from curious wildlife.
  4. If you live in an area where a summer rain shower can hit unexpectedly overnight, you won’t wake up to a soggy tent…and a soggy family.
  5. Depending on the yurt location you choose, some are hooked up to electricity. Every parent realizes the value in this – even the hardcore camping parents.

Check out their article for the full list of yurt locations. Also, we posted our list of favorite glamping spots a few weeks ago!

Happy yurt camping!



Yurts and Wineries

American wineries, especially from the West Coast Region (Washington, Oregon, and California), are definitely drawing a parallel as the world’s top wine destinations. From Napa Valley to Walla Walla, the  American wine culture is at an all time high. So is wine tasting! One way for a winery owner to capitalize is to give your guest an affordable and memorable mini-vacation. Whether they stay for a couple of hours or a couple of days – your guests are a captive audience at your splendid vineyard and to your culinary efforts. For very little expense and effort you could have a yurt or cottage up in a month serving as a tasting room, gift shop or affordable guest cabin. Instantly you have a low key B & B that will pay for itself within the first year and a half.

Yurts and wine go together like Cabernet and Brie.


Here is a suggestion for the winery business: why not create a unique guest experience and add revenue with a versatile covered (portable) venue that could be used as the following:

View More: Tasting Room
Gift Shop
Wedding Venue
Private Room
B & B Suites
“Glamping” Units

Give your guests a reason to stay- and spend- at your winery instead of traveling down the road to the next winery. Instantly offering a distinctive character to your vineyard, a yurt or cottage will increase revenue and has an outstanding ROI.

Look at the rates that these existing wineries and resorts are charging:

Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy your vineyards, whether they came for romance or tranquility or to meet other wine lovers. For a one night stay in a 14′ x 20′ cottage -you could charge between $67 – $180 per night

Interior Cottage_Glamping

Perhaps our Lakedale Cottage would be ideal as a guest suite – available in six sizes these are ideal for the wine tasting experience.

Yurts are popping up all over wine country.  Perhaps it is the easy feel of the yurt rafters that blend with the round shape of the compression ring. The outdoor extends in and the round room seems to blend into the countryside. We have yurts ranging from 12′ diameter to 33′ diameter. A 33′ yurt is 855 square feet has ample room for a tasting room and gift shop. simply set it up on a deck or platform and watch it generate revenue. Some of the yurt guest suites that I checked on are booked all the way through harvest next fall!  Guests can expect to pay for a one night stay in a 24′ yurt – between $89- $300 per night.

cave-bPerhaps you are positioning as a large wedding venue and need a large tent – we’ve got you covered! In fact that’s how we got our start – over 118 years ago making tents for the Alaska Gold rush. Since then we have become one of the elite party rental tent manufacturers in the US. Our rule of thumb is: if you are renting a tent at least three times a year – you will benefit from buying one instead. Our tents are considered the cream of the crop for wedding venues.  A one night rental of a large wedding tent will bring in $2,500 – $3,800 depending on your location and day of the week. Check out our tent website:

If you haven’t tapped into the  big business of providing a quaint venue for weddings, family reunions, class reunions, team-building retreats, “glamping” suits – yes that’s the new buzz word for glamorous camping, and private parties (think anniversary’s, birthdays, engagement parties) in your vineyard – you are missing out on sales, merchandise sales, catering opportunities, wine club memberships and additional revenue.

Whatever size your winery is, let us explore the options to increase your annual guest visits, and increase sales.

Give me a call if you want to see what your 2014 budget can do for your expansion.

On the vine until next time!



Rainier Yurts at Cave B Inn & Spa

cave-bWhen the Cave B Inn & Spa decided to create their Chiwana Yurt Village, they called us to discuss the project.

As they shared their vision for the property, it became evident that our Eagle Yurt was the perfect compliment to the unique characteristics of their beautiful setting.

Designed to take advantage of the outstanding views of the Winery and Columbia River, the architecture of the yurt fits perfectly into the natural beauty of the area.

The 25 yurts are located adjacent to Cave B Estate Winery, an award-winning winery in the Columbia Valley region with a broad range of varietals.

They offer a rustic take of the luxury “Cave B experience”  – overlooking the Columbia River and the popular Gorge Amphitheater, which offers a wide range of concerts throughout the summer.

Each 18 foot Eagle Yurt has a King-size bed, a private bathroom with shower, WiFi and an outdoor seating area.

Talk about the perfect Glamping experience!

The next time you are in the mood for a luxuriously rustic experience, check them out.




To learn more about Cave B Inn & Spa and the Chiwana Yurt Village, go to

Rainier Yurts Adorn Local Resort

Last summer, Rainier built 25 yurts for the new Chiwana Yurt Village at the Cave B Resort. Cave B is a resort on the Columbia River Gorge, near the popular Gorge Amphitheater. The Chiwana Yurt Village adds 25 rooms to the small resort, which features a spa, restaurant, and vineyards from which Cave B produces their own wine.


The yurts in the Chiwana Yurt Village are our Raven model, 24 feet in diameter. Each yurt has one king-size bed, a private bathroom with a shower, Wi-Fi and an outdoor seating area. The bathrooms feature low-flow toilets and showerheads, so the yurts are environmentally friendly accommodations.

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