Casting Call for Living Off the Grid Documentary

Last week, Ally from the National Geographic Channel contacted us to see if we know any off-the-grid-ers who are interested in being featured in a new documentary they’re making! We’re so glad to see this topic getting this kind of coverage. The full casting call is listed below – please pass this on to your friends, especially those who are living off the land!

rainwater-collectionAre you living a subsistence lifestyle off grid or about to make the move?

The National Geographic Channel is casting a documentary that gives a raw and honest demonstration into the lives of people living beyond the end of the road in the Lower 48.

We are looking for active, rugged individuals, families, or groups, living off grid who are hunting/growing their own food, gathering their own fuel, hauling and purifying their drinking water, chopping down trees to stay warm, generating their own power and utilizing what they can from the land to build shelter. We are also interested in hearing from those who are about to make the move from the first time.

If you or someone you know is choosing to live remotely, far away from gas stations, shopping malls, highways, and everyday conveniences, and would like to share your experience with the National Geographic viewers, contact our research team:
Ally Siegel
(323) 785-8658