Color Your Yurt!

Use this tool to view available colors for Eagle walls


  •  Standard
  •  Upgrade


Upper Wall

Lower Wall

Dome - Clear Dome - Solid Roof - Emerald Roof - Brown Roof - Gray Roof - Beige Upper Wall - Brown Lower Wall - Blue Lower Wall - White Lower Wall - Timber Lower Wall - Terra Lower Wall - Teal Lower Wall - Gray Lower Wall - Brown Lower Wall - Emerald Lower Wall - Egg Lower Wall - Champagne Lower Wall - Burgundy Lower Wall - Buff Lower Wall - Red Lower Wall - Beige Upper Wall - Blue Upper Wall - White Upper Wall - Timber Upper Wall - Terra Upper Wall - Teal Upper Wall - Gray Upper Wall - Brown Upper Wall - Emerald Upper Wall - Egg Upper Wall - Champagne Upper Wall - Burgundy Upper Wall - Buff Upper Wall - Red Upper Wall - Beige

PLEASE NOTE: These colors are not exact. If you would like a more accurate representation of our fabric colors, please submit the form below and we'll be happy to mail you a free color swatch card.


Ready to design your yurt? Visit our Eagle Price Calculator.


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