Which Shading System Is Right For You?

Outdoor living spaces are an essential addition to homes. These spaces create unique environments where families and friends gather and build memories that last a lifetime. While considering an expansion to your outdoor deck or patio space, you may be questioning the difference between awnings and power screens. Our team frequently answers the question, “what’s the difference between awnings and screens?” We gathered information from our team of experts to address the best option for your outdoor space, whether it be large or small. Retractable awnings and power screens provide shade from the sun, but the two offer different types of sun protection. It’s important to consider the depth of sun protection you need to enjoy the comfort of your deck or patio, year-round. Let’s start with the basics: Retractable Awnings Shade Your Outdoor Space We manufacture multiple configurations of awnings, but by far the most popular one is our retractable awning. Retractable awnings provide an extended outdoor space, beyond the walls of your home. In many cases, customers who choose retractable awnings have a deck or patio where they’d like to sit and enjoy a refreshing drink during the hot summer months, but the afternoon sun makes it too uncomfortable! Retractable awnings provide sun when you want it, and shade when you don’t. They retract and are self-storing when you’re not using them. Screens Block the Sun without Sacrificing Your View Enjoy the outdoors on your terms with a power screen! We have a full line of screen products to choose from, but our most common is the exterior side-retention system. Power screens are manufactured with mesh fabric extend straight up and down, making them the perfect choice for those west facing windows where the afternoon sun turns your living room into a sauna and creates a glare on your TV! Using a retractable awning or exterior screen to cool a home is more energy efficient than traditional air conditioning. We participated in funding and research for an independent study which found that shading with a screen or awning can reduce cooling costs here in the Seattle area by over 60%! Our exterior screens keep as much as 85% of the heat from the sun from cranking up the temperature in your living room. Making the Right Choice for Your Home Choosing the sun protection solution that’s right for you depends on which problem you have to begin with! We offer free in-home consultations, so we’re happy to take a look at your situation and discuss which solution fits your needs and your budget. Click here to request a consultation, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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Considering Roof Mount Awnings?

roof mount awnings for low roof line

A low roofline doesn’t mean that you can’t enhance your home with a retractable awning! Our roof mount option gives you the ability to shade your deck with plenty of clearance for the retractable awning. Installing an awning over your patio or outdoor entertainment area is a great way to extend your living area. Rainier Shade’s Retractable Awnings are custom-made to fit your unique style and complement your home’s architectural elements. Did you know that awnings can even reduce your need for cooling energy? Our extensive capabilities provide endless options for awning measurements, colors, and textures.  For example, awnings work in conjunction with your air conditioner. When you reduce the amount of heat coming into your home, you can also reduce the amount of air conditioning used. Check out our Retractable Awnings page to learn more. There are several reasons to choose Rainier Shade for your custom awning needs. Here are a few: Rainier Shade manufactures all the components of its awnings in-house, except for motors and fabric. All assembly takes place in the U.S. including metal fabrication, fabric welding and sewing, powder coating, and quality assurance. Rainier Awnings come in widths from X to X with projections from X to X. We offer sixteen standard powder coat colors and custom colors for our metal components. We offer over 200 fabric options FAQ’s Will this cause a leak in my roof? The roof mount awning is engineered to ensure that your roof will not leak. We do ask that you use proper water coverage practices while your awning is extended. What is the spacing threshold? Our engineering team has developed a 3-4” distance from your awning to your roof. If you’re worried about rain entering your patio space, we offer a customizable hood (cover) to fill that space. What is the wind load? A common piece of advice that we provide our customers is, if it’s too windy for you to be outside, then it’s too windy for your awning. However, our shade products have sensors that make the awning retract if it senses that the wind is too much. Any zoning issues with neighbors? Our employees will provide the best advice regarding your awning size, during your free consultation with the Rainier Shade sales team. Most customers tend to refrain from extending their awning over their property line.

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Choosing the Best Awning

Rainier Retractable Lateral Arm vs. Sunsetter Retractable Lateral Arm Where are the Companies Based? Sunsetter’s offices are in Massachusetts where they distribute to both their dealer network and direct to consumers online, over the phone, and through national retailers including Home Depot and Lowes. While the company is located in the United States, their product is only “assembled” in the U.S. Rainier Shade has two locations – one in Tukwila, WA, and the other in Statesville, NC. Having two locations protects our production times. We have the ability to move jobs between both locations to keep an even production flow. Mechanical or supply issues do not stop our production, with two facilities in which to manufacture. Who Makes the Component Parts? A number of components in Sunsetter awnings are either manufactured or sourced from countries in Asia – China among others. While these components allow Sunsetter to offer a lower price, their compromise on quality limits their ability to offer long-term warranty coverage on their products. Certainly, cost is an important factor in the decision to buy, but the cheapest option is not always the best value for your investment. Rainier Industries manufactures all the components of its screens and awnings, except for motors and fabric. All housing components are made in the USA. All assembly takes place in the U.S. including metal fabrication, fabric welding and sewing, powder coating, and quality assurance. We are prepared for the worst. Moreover, we have multiple part dies with varying manufacturers so that if they have issues, we are not out of product and can continue producing. Who Installs the Awning? Sunsetter awnings can be ordered through a registered dealer, direct-to-consumer, or through a retailer, who then hires either a local handyman or another company to install the awning. They may or may not be a licensed contractor, and there is no guarantee that the person installing the Sunsetter awning is covered by any form of insurance at all. These are risks that the customer should not have to take. Getting service after the sale could be an issue. Rainier awnings are installed by Rainier employed installers, managed by a team of schedulers and installation managers. And, Rainier uses a certified dealer network across the United States. They are trained in all aspects of selling and installation techniques of Rainier products to ensure a flawless installation every time. This certified dealer network is there to service any Rainier awning, if needed, as it is part of their certification. What Sizes are Available? Sunsetter products are restricted to awning widths of between 10’ and 20’ in preset sizes; there are few made-to-order options. By supplying only fixed sizes and one frame color, Sunsetter can limit the number of choices they offer, keeping their costs down and maximizing profits. Rainier awnings come in widths from X to X with projections from X to X. We offer sixteen standard powder coated colors and custom colors for our metal components, and over 200 fabric options. Rainier custom…

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