Keep Your Outdoor Space Lively Year-Round

Extend the use of your outdoor space and patio furniture into the cooler months with a few tips from Rainier Shade. Select Elements Designed for the Outdoors Our manufacturing process and products are made to withstand harsh weather conditions. Weather-hardy fabrics and structurally-sound engineering make a big difference in how your outdoor covered space holds up over time. Our team at Rainier Shade develops the most dynamic and sturdy shade products on the market today. Rainier Shade products are crafted from heavy gauge aluminum to provide worry-free use of your screen or awning. These materials eliminate rusting or corrosion from the elements and ensure years of trouble-free use. Our built-in screen cleaning system uses two brushes to clean the screen during operation. This helps prevent dirt, debris, and bugs from entering your home or the housing of your power screen. Invest in Long-Term Energy Savings There’s nothing more satisfying than saving energy on your heating and cooling bills each month. Outdoor shade solutions are wonderful for protection from the sun and light rain, but they also provide up to 60% energy savings. In the summer, cool your home naturally and decrease your reliance on traditional air conditioning. During the winter, use power screens to maintain the heat inside your home without running your furnace all day. Bring the Outdoors In The best way to make the most of your outdoor space during chilly months is to consider outdoor shade solutions. In the cooler times of the year, enclosing your outdoor spaces to life can make a big impact in enhancing the ambiance of your patio. Use power screens to enclose an existing patio into a screened-in porch to maintain the temperature within the room as heat outside rises and falls. If you’re in the process of a home remodel, consider Side Retention Screens (SRS) that live in the framework of your patio or pergola. We house the aluminum-facing elements of your power screen inside the architectural elements of your home to increase durability during stormy days. Cozy Up with Motorized Features Nothing beats the feeling that comes from operating your retractable awning or power screen from the comfort of your favorite chair. If you’re thinking about the best shade solution for your outdoor space, opt-in for motorized features. Rainier Shade products feature dependable motors manufactured by Somfy, allowing you to retract and extend your product using a wall switch, remote control, or an app on your phone or tablet.

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