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Control Natural Light from the Sun

Coastal homes feature bold windows and glass elements to allow maximum light into the home along with the breeze to bring in natural ventilation. Adding Rainier Shade Power Screens will further increase the overall beachside feel of the home. Rainier Shade Power Screens are unique in design because they feature a motorized element that allows fresh sea air to circulate through the home at the touch of a button.

Retractable Awnings Reduce Heat During the Summertime

When you have easy access to the ocean, why not use the elements of your home to capture the benefits of both light and air to help regulate the temperature within?

Retractable Awnings provide more than a modern style to the architectural elements of your beach house. They can reduce heat produced by the sun in the summer by up to 65% on south-facing windows and 77% on west-facing windows.

Rainier Shade Power Screens block roughly 80-95% of UV rays. They serve as insulation to the interior of your home, resulting in a more comfortable indoor temperature.

Increase Heat from the Sun in the Winter

Retractable Awnings provide energy-saving solutions during the winter seasons that keep your home cooler. During the winter months, you can retract your awning to allow the sun’s rays to heat your home. Retractable awnings help trap some of the heat surrounding your windows. Retractable Awnings serve as an insulation system to your home in the wintertime.

Intelligent Motor and Control

Rainier Shade products feature time-tested, dependable motors and controls manufactured by Somfy - The world leader in tubular motor technology.

We’ve found that homeowners who purchase a motorized awning system are more satisfied with their purchase than those who don’t. Remote control technology makes using your awning convenient, and you will be less likely to experience damage.


UV Protection

Awnings provide protection from harmful UV rays, to help prevent skin damage from the sun. Sunbrella® fabrics have been awarded the Seal of Recommendation from the Skin Cancer Foundation as an effective UV protectant.

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Energy Saving Solutions for Homeowners

Rainier Shade products provide fresh and innovative solutions for going green and preserving energy year-round. Having a shade system on your home is a great way to shelter from the elements.


We are now conducting no-contact consultations, either in person or online. If you are comfortable, we can come to your home, take measurements outside, and speak outdoors from a distance.