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Outdoor Entertainment Area

Extend Outdoor Entertainment Area

Rainier Shade manufactures beautifully engineered retractable awnings that are custom built to add charm to your outdoor space. A retractable awning extends the comfort of your home to your outdoor entertainment space. By choosing a motorized awning, you can create an instant shelter with just the touch of a button, protecting you from light rain and glaring sun alike. You’ll enjoy spending more time outdoors with friends and family.

Enclose Your Outdoor Living Space

We help homeowners enclose their existing patio space where they enjoy cooking, dining, and entertaining. Sunrooms create the ideal spot for outdoor living with indoor comforts. Questioning what a screened-in porch will do for your space? Think of it as a sunroom with a breeze, or patio without direct exposure to the elements.

Motorized screens from Rainier Shade are customizable to create a screened-in porch that will maintain the temperature within the room as heat outside rises and falls. Our SRS screens have been field-tested in heavy winds – they are designed to act as a barrier against extreme elements. The stability of the mesh will protect your outdoor furnishings, keeping your porch dry on rainy days.

ScreenedIn Porch

Architectural Enhancements with a Retractable Awning

Retractable Awnings provide more than a modern style to the architectural elements of your house. They have behind-the-scenes benefits including energy savings and protection from the elements. Another huge benefit to awnings is the opportunity to increase your home’s market value. Retractable Awnings can add value to your home and would be a great idea for a homeowner that plans to sell their house.

Reduce Heat Entering Your Home

Solar Screens are designed to filter out the majority of the sun’s harmful effects while preserving your outdoor view and allowing you to better control your interior lighting. Exterior shading systems can reduce cooling costs by up to 60%.

Somfy TaHoma Smart Hub

Join the Evolution with Smart Shading by Somfy

​Somfy's TaHoma gateway uses technology that's open and forward-looking. TaHoma provides a single platform for RTS, legacy and future ecosystems at a competitive price with a wide range of interior and exterior applications. Professional installation with Somfy Set & Go Connect is quick, easy, and flexible.

Live a more comfortable and convenient life with intuitive control of both natural and artificial lighting, and the ability to configure your smart home via leading consumer platforms. ​

Intelligent Motor and Control

Rainier Shade products feature time-tested, dependable motors and controls manufactured by Somfy - The world leader in tubular motor technology.

We’ve found that homeowners who purchase a motorized awning system are more satisfied with their purchase than those who don’t. Remote control technology makes using your awning convenient, and you will be less likely to experience damage.



We are now conducting no-contact consultations, either in person or online. If you are comfortable, we can come to your home, take measurements outside, and speak outdoors from a distance.