6 More Weeks of Winter?

Tomorrow we’ll find out as it’s Groundhog Day! The 2011-2012 winter season seems to be anything but predictable.  Here in Seattle we’ve had more snow over 3 days than what we would typically get in 3 years.  And our friends on the East Coast have been bragging about minimal snowfall and mild temperatures.

One thing’s certain, spring and summer will be on their way no matter what the Groundhog sees (or doesn’t).

More sunshine and warmer temperatures mean that your home is going to start to warm up and your energy bills will be on the rise too.  Saving energy & reducing indoor temperatures are great reasons to include exterior screens on your home.

Exterior screens can help stop the sun’s rays from striking your windows, reducing heat transfer and keeping your home cooler.  Then, whenever you’d like to take advantage the sun’s warmth just lower your screens to help heat your home.  Now that’s solar power!

Take a look at some homes that are keeping cool with exterior screens.