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Rainier is home to one of the largest fabric finishing facilities in the country.

From small projects to complex fabric finishing we can save you time and money.

Our experienced and diverse team of sewing machine operators, welders and heat sealers can handle high volumes of work using the latest technology and equipment.

As an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer, all of our work meets the most stringent of quality standards.

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Our diverse methods of printing provide quality assurance specific to the needs of your project.

Our printing cababilities include indoor, outdoor, long term or short term projects.

Our goal is to make sure your project is printed with the best solution for your needs and within budget.

Long outdoor life and rich vibrant colors are qualities that characterize screen printed images. Remember this time-proven method the next time you need banners, decals or signage.

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Many of our innovative fabric and exhibit structures begin here.

Our talented team of welders and craftsmen build structures envisioned by our clients.

Working with state of the art equipment, the Rainier Metal Shop Team builds the base structure to many of our award winning projects.

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The beauty is in the wood.

At Rainier many of our projects incorporate the best quality resources.

With our talented team of craftspeople and state of the art equipment we bring wood to life from POP displays to television news sets.

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CAD Design

Rainier relies on the many years of knowledge from our combined staff to design and engineer structurally sound and visually stunning shelters and displays.

The process starts with CAD generated designs and drawings that work their way through customer and engineering approvals to the finished products.


Powder Coating

Powder coating is an attractive alternative to painted finishes.

It is a high quality finish that protects against rust, corrosion, and the elements, and provides a smooth and consistent appearance.

Powder coating is an extremely scratch resistant finish that will last practically forever!

Powder coating is an environmentally friendly color-solution as it is virtually free from pollutants. Unlike liquid paint, there are no solvents in the process and only negligible amounts of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are released in the air. The unused or overspray ground particles of pigment and resin are collected and reused in other batches to keep it out of landfills.

Also, Rainier is an ISO-14001 certified company, the premier certification in environmental stewardship, and ISO-9001 for our Quality Management System. When you choose Rainier for your powder coating needs, you know it will be earth friendly, turned on time and on spec.

The process starts with cleaning the material in the large wash booth to eliminate all dirt, grime or oils that may have accumulated during the manufacturing process. We then move the product to the oven and crank it up to 2,100,000 BTUs to eliminate moisture and ensure an even coating of powder in the next step. The powder coat particles are electrostatically charged and sprayed onto the parts that are positively grounded. The coated product then goes into a giant oven, where it is baked at 400 degrees for 15 to 40 minutes, depending on the material. The product then is returned to production for final assembly or carefully packaged for shipping or will call. We can deliver in the greater Seattle area for an additional fee.

Rainier has ten standard colors in stock, and can obtain and powder coat any standard RAL color within a day or two. Custom color matching is also available if needed. Our oven, wash booth and powder booth are 10’ wide x 10’ tall x 25’ long for handling single large pieces to hundreds of smaller parts. Size restrictions vary depending on diameter of parts or materials. Please contact us for more information regarding availability, pricing and size limitations.


Water Jet Precision Cut

Rainier has added waterjet capabilities to our operations in a big way.

The Flow Mach 4 series is the most robust waterjet system on the market today, and will consistently deliver high quality product and save you time and money in the process.

Working with agencies, designers, and corporate clients our design team can help make your dreams a reality.

Our designers combine the many elements of Rainier’s capabilities to create eye popping displays and custom graphic applications to promote major marketing campaigns and brands for a broad spectrum of environments.


Customer Service

Since 1896, Rainier has evolved dramatically. Our basic philosophy hasn’t.

In over a century of growth and technological advances, Rainier’s commitment to traditional craftsmanship and customer satisfaction has never changed.


Project Management

At Rainier, the success of any project is measured through client satisfaction.

Our project management team works directly with our clients to arrange every detail. From client approvals to final installation your Rainier Project Manager is on the job.



Rainier’s century in the industry will ensure that your project is installed correctly and with quality assurance.

When it comes to challenging installations – interior, exterior, or high access — Rainier has the experience.

Our skilled and knowledgeable project managers, foremen, and installation crews routinely deal with permitting, equipment rental, and the on-site logistical issues of complex installations. We guarantee installations that are on-time and on-budget.