Rainier to Recreate the Canyons of Utah … In Fabric!

Rainier Display

Rainier was awarded an exciting sculpted fabric project at the new airport terminal currently under construction in Salt Lake City, Utah. Rainier will collaborate with partners Duvall Design and Fabritec to fulfill the project. All manufacturing for this will take place in our Tukwila facility.

This unique public art project was designed by world famous artist Gordon Heuther. The artist’s most magnificent and largest art installation is entitled “The Canyon,” and will be integrated on both walls (East and West) of the new central airport terminal. “The Canyon” evokes the Salt Lake City landscape and spans 362 feet – the length of 1.2 football fields – using more than 2 acres of composite fabric, and the equivalent of eight miles of aluminium tubing. The entire work will consist of almost 800 individual parts! Fabrication will begin in the fall 2016 with installation scheduled in 2019.

Once complete, this will be a tremendous showcase of Rainier’s state-of-the-art, world class fabric manufacturing capabilities.

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